Strategic Innovation Assessment

An online tool to assess, guide, benchmark and support strategic innovation in your organisation.

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Your Strategic Innovation Score

There are 5 core areas across an organisation that contribute to strategic innovation. This 10 minute assessment will identify how well your organisation is performing in each the areas and highlight where you need to focus more attention.

  • Technical Foundation
  • Customer Centricity
  • Product & Service Relevance
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Brand Proposition
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Actionable Insight & Recommendations

Once we have your answers we will provide insights and actionable recommendations for each area, designed to enable you to drive your strategic innovation efforts forward.

Your overall strategic innovation score will be used to benchmark how innovative your organisation is against others in your industry and turnover bracket. Each core area will be attributed a score and a list of actionable recommendations.


Strategic Innovation Roadmap

Rawnet have developed a 3 step process to help drive strategic innovation within organisations. We help people and teams that want to improve their organisation with constant critique, evaluation and improvement. The process begins with this assessment.

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