Our optimisation process is one of ongoing learning about the product, how it is being used and about the customers using it. It allows us to uncover opportunities for improvement through heuristic and analytical evaluation using various tools and frameworks. The process starts with research, picking user experience issues, and then ideating through hypotheses, possible solutions and validation options.

Optimisation strategy

Our optimisation strategy is put together to ensure priority and efficiency. It provides recommendations on focus areas, questions we have as a collective, how we can answer those questions, initiatives for change and how each contributes to the overarching business objectives and KPIs. It is a document that can be understood by all and allows us to stay aligned to make an impact.


Conversion funnel optimisation

Full funnel optimisation enhances your user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and engaging content at every stage, from initial engagement to conversion.


Heuristic analysis

Leveraging recognised usability principles, we assess an application interface, seeking areas for improvement in efficiency and clarity. This incorporates UX best practices, readability issues, accessibility concerns, and site speed issues, resulting in recommendations informing design briefs and leading to changes that tests can validate.


Analytical research

This research complements the heuristic analysis and allows us to extract all the learnings from reports available and tools at our disposal: acquisition reports, conversion event reports, page engagement, journey path exploration, visual analytics and session recordings.


A/B & multivariate testing

This is a validation process using testing tools like Convert and Dynamic Yield. It allows us to verify ideas quickly and cost-effectively before committing to substantial development. Each test comes with a hypothesis backed by a problem and solution statement, UX designs, user stories, acceptance criteria, and targeting strategies, which can be as granular as needed. All tests are documented via scorecards so we can report clearly what has worked, what hasn’t worked and recommendations for what's next.


User experience auditing & testing

We use remote user testing tools to get feedback on new applications, features or design changes. This allows us to get a different view than relying on experienced stakeholders and contributes to a more rounded and detailed offering that needs less change further down the line. If customers can’t be made available, we can carry out the same process with lookalike audiences.


Personalisation & targeting

We'll help you determine the best places, content, and tools to personalise your product. This boosts user engagement and satisfaction.


Lead generation optimisation

Our industry expertise and cutting-edge tools power your lead generation, optimising journeys and landing pages to deliver valuable market insights. This data-driven approach ensures sustainable digital growth.

Explore our case study success stories

Explore our partnership success stories, showcasing how partnerships that deliver long-term value help businesses across industries achieve their digital ambitions.

We have been Whistl's trusted digital partner for nearly 10 years; we provide strategic support to help Whistl achieve its digital ambitions.


Since 2022 we have worked alongside Dignity to launch a brand new funeral plan service with user experience at its core.


Our journey started in 2018 with a site redesign but has grown tremendously since then to include digital tools, marketing campaigns and lead generation strategies.

Knowledge hub

Stay up to date with the latest in digital with Rawnet. Discover our expert opinions, trending topics, agency news and more.

SaaS solutions are often hailed as the universal cure for rapid development.


Work experience with the Rawnet team is not to be missed.


Like it or not, AI adoption is growing rapidly, shaping our digital landscape.

The user experience and overall design are over and above what we could have hoped for, not only has the product already achieved an NPS score of 74, but it was recently voted the top-rated funeral plan product on the market by Money Saving Expert, just 8 months post-launch. We look forward to continuing to work together as we continue to evolve and innovate.
Charlotte O’Shea
Dignity PLC
Approachable, supportive digital agency with skill sets across all departments - just as happy and flexible fixing issues and navigating new challenges as they are mapping out and progressing new initiatives.
Will Rogers
Bottomline Technologies
The Rawnet team is incredibly responsive from a project management/strategic perspective. Everyone is so willing to help and supportive of the Bottomline team. I’m impressed by the light, agile nature of UI and Dev - the team has done so much in such a short period of time.
Christine Nurnberger
Bottomline Technologies


Through strong partnerships and collaborations, we have honed our expertise within a vibrant network. This empowers us to craft tailored tech and marketing stacks that precisely meet the individual needs of our clients.
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