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Bottomline Technologies streamline businesses' financial operations with services like payment processing, fraud prevention, invoice management, and cash flow optimisation. Their user-friendly products integrate seamlessly with existing systems and are supported by a dedicated customer service team.

Partner since 2018

Our partnership:

Rawnet has been working with Bottomline since 2018 and has become a strong strategic digital partner. Bottomline has had a constant core team from Rawnet taking a proactive approach to the businesses' digital and technical strategies. The journey began with a site rebuild and has since completed seven key projects, shown below in the Strategic Partner Journey.

125 %
Increase in web conversions YoY
87 %
Increase in traffic to the site

Site design & rebuild, 2020

Product Design

Empowering Bottomline Technologies to improve their customer experience and drive forward as a disruptive technology leader.


  • Position Bottomline as a disruptive technology leader in the financial services market
  • Align product portfolio with relevant customer segments to improve website conversions
  • Restructure website architecture to streamline user journeys.
Bottomline Designs-Large


Our strategy team worked closely with Bottomline Technologies to gain a thorough understanding of their core offerings and challenges. We recommended digital changes to overcome their challenges, aid continued commercial growth, and position them as disruptive technology leaders.

We discovered that Bottomline Technologies offered 31 solutions, which was overwhelming for potential leads. To simplify the user journeys, we needed to simplify the proposition. We took several steps to define the new proposition:

  • Conducted discovery workshops across the US, EMEA, and APAC to identify core customer types by industry and markets each product was serving
  • Analysed search data to understand what customers were searching for and what was lost among the current offering
  • Reviewed the current organic positioning for all solutions and keywords driving traffic, along with page views from the current site for US, UK, and APAC.

We introduced simplified user journeys and new online tools like Drift to automate conversations and better qualify leads before sending them to the sales team.

A simplified Information Architecture was also introduced, making the right content easily available to the right prospects. Visitors can now browse by solution or business type, eliminating confusion and improving their experience.

Bottomline Image2-1340x1570 (1)


125 %

Increase in web conversions YoY

87 %

Increase in traffic to the site

The Rawnet team is incredibly responsive from a project management/strategic perspective. Everyone is so willing to help and supportive of the Bottomline team. I’m impressed by the light, agile nature of UI and Dev - the team has done so much in such a short period of time.

Christine Nurnberger
Previous Chief Marketing Officer at Bottomline Technologies

Paid inbound strategy for Paymode-X® business solution, 2021

Customer Acquisition

After the success of the site redesign, we looked to drive awareness for Bottomline Technologies Paymode-X® Business Solutions.


  • To create a sustainable marketing funnel from awareness to lead generation.
  • Improve brand awareness of the Bottomline Technologies Paymode-X® offering.
  • Improve prospecting of quality potential customers.
  • Increase lead generation through an acquisition strategy.


Rawnet was tasked with generating high-quality and relevant leads for Bottomline Technologies' Paymode-X® Business Solution by driving the right audience to take action on their website. The goal was to target potential clients at different stages of their purchasing journey.

The Paymode-X® paid campaign was rolled out in three phases: short-term, mid-term, and long-term. The short-term phase focused on creating initial brand and product awareness, while the mid-term phase targeted prospecting with a more targeted approach. Finally, the long-term phase aimed to enable a lead generation strategy through paid advertising and driving traffic to the site to create a sustainable approach at all levels in the funnel.

During the initial awareness phase, LinkedIn was used to drive traffic to the Paymode-X® offering and create additional, more targeted, audiences for sponsored posts. Paid search on Google was also implemented. Rawnet provided users with helpful information at the start of their journey to increase the chance of conversion in the longer term. Better conversions were achieved by curating freely available content, with optional data capture for a PDF. Google Search Ads used keywords split into campaigns and ad groups based on intent and relevancy. The landing pages used Hotjar recordings to monitor user behaviour and optimise regularly.

In the prospecting phase, Rawnet aimed to re-engage with users who had visited the Paymode-X® pages but had not taken any valuable action from a data exchange perspective. LinkedIn campaigns targeted users who had visited key site pages but had not converted and were further targeted using job function/title to distinguish the persona types to tailor the ads to their needs. 

Google Display static images, Gifs and responsive display ads were used to reach the target audience as a remarketing tool. Google Search was used to identify users who had been to Paymode-X® pages, and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) were used. This allowed for separate messaging to users previously exposed to the Paymode-X® offering, targeting broader high-volume searches without worrying about capturing the wrong intent.


16.60 %

Conversion Rate

246 %

LinkedIn Conversions


Assisted PPC Conversions

Smart Payments content migration, 2022

Customer Acquisition

The objective was to migrate the subsite onto, unify all content in one hub, and capitalise on Bottomline's journey to becoming thought leaders in the banking industry.


  • Migrate subsite onto
  • Capitalise and continue Bottomline’s journey to being thought leaders
  • SEO advantages for .com site
  • Unify content in one hub
  • Improve user experience and journey by allowing solutions to blog content and vice versa.
  • Boost credibility through educational content and highlighting trends


The migration provided SEO advantages for the .com site, improved the user experience and journey, and boosted credibility through educational content and highlighting trends in digital banking.

During the project, we thoroughly analysed the content on the subsite and identified the most valuable pieces to migrate onto We then designed and developed a new section on to house the migrated content and optimised it for SEO. The identified content was migrated from onto in a logical and easy-to-navigate manner. To improve the user experience, we ensured that the migrated content was integrated seamlessly into, and users could easily find the necessary information. 

Additionally, we created new educational content that highlighted trends in digital banking and positioned Bottomline as a thought leader in the industry. We also developed a hub of blog content around banking and digital banking to provide users with valuable insights and engage them on the site. Finally, we tested the new section of and refined it based on user feedback and analytics data.

Bottomline 2

Paydirect EMEA and PaymodeX calculators, 2022

Customer Acquisition

We developed a digital tool that enables lead generation and increased sign-ups through an ROI calculator.


  • Develop a digital tool (annual savings calculator) enabling lead generation ROI calculator for lead generation and data collection.
Bottomline PBS ROI calculator


We designed and developed an annual savings calculator for Bottomline's Paymode-X solution, which allowed potential customers to quickly and easily determine the potential cost savings associated with using Paymode-X solutions. The tool was integrated into the Paymode-X solution webpage, making it easily accessible to visitors. 

To ensure optimal lead generation, we optimised the tool for user experience and ensured it was user-friendly and easy to navigate. The tool has since proven successful lead generation, increasing sign-ups and providing valuable information to potential customers about the cost savings associated with using Paymode-X. Overall, developing the annual savings calculator was a successful project that provided Bottomline with an effective tool for lead generation and increased customer engagement. 

Bottomline Calculator ipad

Enhanced analytics application, 2023

Customer Acquisition

Rawnet was engaged to create a layer between the website application and the reporting methods, which pulled data into an accessible layer for more granular reporting on user behaviour on


  • Create a layer between the website application and the reporting methods to pull data into an accessible layer for more granular reporting on user behaviour on
  • Joint venture with an agency called (they are facilitating the reporting)


To ensure the reporting methods were fully optimised, we engaged in a joint venture with, an agency specialising in facilitating data-driven reporting. This partnership allowed us to leverage their expertise and resources to create more robust and comprehensive reporting.

The new data layer was launched in January 2023, and we saw immediate benefits from the enhanced analytics application. The new reporting methods allowed Bottomline to gain deeper insights into user behaviour on the website, providing valuable information to inform our marketing strategies and improve user experience.

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