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Dignity is a funeral-related service provider with a long and proud history dating back to 1812, when its oldest Funeral Director was established.

Partner since 2021

Our partnership:

For the last few years we have partnered with Dignity to elevate their digital strategy and launch a new pre-need funeral plan product.

Our relationship perfectly demonstrates a full create partnership, which looks to harness Rawnet's full power and bring your vision to life.

74 +
NPS score
25.24 %
increase in Google Ad guide downloads
350 %
increase in purchased plans

Pre-need funeral plan product, 2021

Product Design
In 2021, we partnered with Dignity to launch a new pre-need funeral plan product. Together, we wanted to push for a fresh take on what could have easily been a traditional funeral product and put digital and customer requirements at the core.


  • Provide a web app for customers to create and purchase funeral plans, driving revenue.
  • Allow Dignity call centres and branches to develop and purchase funeral plans on the customer’s behalf to increase efficiency.

Product design

The project began with journey and service mapping alongside stakeholder workshops to understand the funeral planning process and how we wanted customers to put their plans together, including compliance requirements.

From there our UX and design team created wireframes and imagery aimed to humanise the brand and avoid the cold interface usually seen in the funeral care industry.

The product consists of a structured set of selection options or open text boxes to take the user on a journey to their ideal personalised funeral plan available in a PDF.

Dignity Image2-1340x1570at2x
Dignity Image3-1340x1570


The back-end development side of the project was highly specialised. It required a sizeable development team alongside liaising with Dignity’s internal development team to gather all of the technical requirements.

Some of our technical challenges included:

  • How we would communicate with Dignity's internal systems and integrate with their phone system
  • Feeding into Dignity's in-house CRM system for funeral plan and card payment information


The product was built to give Dignity complete control over the front-end framework keeping it flexible for growth in the future. Using NextJs has some critical benefits for security, SEO, speed and performance, and it’s a great experience for developers, which helps them build better UI faster. We integrated the site with Diamond, their existing CRM internal system which ensured that the business operations could continue without disruption.

Dignity Image-1340x1570at2x


74 +

NPS Score

25.24 %

increase in Google Ad guide downloads
1st Aug 2023 - 31st Jan 2024 vs. 29th Jan 2023 - 31st July 2023

350 %

increase in plans purchased through Meta retargeting campaigns
1st September 2023 - 31st Jan 2024 vs. 1st Apr 2023 - 31st July 2023

Dignity's funeral plan product was voted the best in the market by Money Saving Expert, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

The partnership drove unprecedented sales, surpassing all previous benchmarks and establishing Dignity as a frontrunner in funeral care services.

The future of the partnership

We look forward to continuing our work with Dignity and elevating their digital presence within the funeral industry.

The user experience and overall design are over and above what we could have hoped for, not only has the product already achieved an NPS score of 74, but it was recently voted the top-rated funeral plan product on the market by Money Saving Expert, just 8 months post-launch. We look forward to continuing to work together as we continue to evolve and innovate.

Charlotte O’Shea
CMO, Dignity PLC

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