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Whistl is the UK’s leading logistics company helping businesses effectively manage their supply chain. The Whistl group contains market-leading businesses that support various industry sectors with their subsidiaries:, PostHub and Relish Sampling Agency.

Partner since 2014

Our partnership:

We have been Whistl's trusted digital partner for nearly 10 years; we provide strategic support to help Whistl achieve its digital ambitions.

Our relationship is a great illustration of a collaborative partnership approach. We work together to define how our marketing and product strategies can work together to deliver on ambitious goals.

22.89 %
increase in calls
41.75 %
increase in new sign-ups
157 %
increase in leads

The iDoordropSite and Whistl site build, 2014

Customer Acquisition
Product Design
In 2014, we partnered with Whistl to create a standalone website,, for their door drop services. Whistl later rebranded and expanded its services beyond postal services. They approached us for a second project to establish their unique identity and enhance their digital presence.


  • Create a focussed destination for Whistl’s door drop services via the iDoordrop website.
  • Design and build Whistl’s corporate Website, helping Whistl rebrand, and transition away from TNT Post.


We collaborated closely with Whistl to develop a website that showcased their rebranding efforts and communicated their evolving range of services. As Whistl grew and expanded, we provided them with a comprehensive digital strategy and an improved website to generate high-quality leads.

The Whistl Group site build, 2019

Customer Acquisition
Product Design
Re-launch the Whistl website to boost lead generation, improve customer experience and aid the continued growth of the business.


  • Develop a new site that better communicates the evolving Whistl proposition.
  • Improve the customer experience on the website to drive commercial growth.
  • Improve the quantity and quality of leads and collect more relevant data for the Sales & Account Management teams.

Digital strategy

We researched stakeholders, customers, and competitors to re-position the website to understand what differentiates Whistl. We discovered that the previous site could have more effectively communicated Whistl's value and overwhelmed customers with its complexity. It had also grown unwieldy due to expansion and acquisitions, burdening customers with figuring out their own needs.

We placed a clear proposition at the forefront to address these issues, emphasising Whistl's strengths and adopting a customer-centric approach. We created distinct "service pillars" to showcase Whistl's offerings accurately. We simplified user journeys, optimised the website structure for a streamlined experience, and featured the new services prominently.


Technical & development

After the UX and design phase, we delivered a website built on the latest release of the Concrete5 CMS platform and hosted on a cost-effective, autoscaling AWS infrastructure designed and implemented by our internal DevOps team. It was scalable to support future acquisitions, so it would expand with Whistl as it grew.


25 %

Increase in site traffic
29 june 2016 - 22 april 2019 pre-launch compared to 23rd april 2019 - 13 feb 2022 post launch
The website redesign boosted lead generation, improved customer experience, and provided valuable data for sales and account managers. Simplified user journeys and navigation enhanced satisfaction. It also clarified Whistl's purpose, shaping digital marketing channels.

Whistl has aggressive targets for growth, and we’re
 confident our ongoing partnership with Rawnet will be beneficial as we continue to build upon our previous successes with them. The results of the new site show that the initial discovery phase was imperative, and the new site perfectly reflects Whistl Ltd.

Melanie Darvall
Director of Marketing and Communications, Whistl

Whistl digital strategy retainer - SEO & PPC

Customer Acquisition
Alongside the Whistl marketing team, we have achieved continued success with digital performance marketing through channels such as PPC and SEO, for We've focused on product growth through feature optimisation and increasing engagement.


  • Work hand in hand with Whistl’s to achieve their business growth objectives year-on-year.
  • To improve Whistl’s organic visibility and increase the quality of inbound website traffic.
  • Drive onsite conversions through pre-qualified contact form enquiries and increase the number of qualified calls to the business.

Digital strategy

Our digital marketing team collaborated with Whistl's marketing team to conduct extensive research in devising an SEO-focused content strategy for the website and supporting technical SEO for optimal performance. Alongside PPC campaign optimisation through targeted ad groups to boost click-through rates and drive relevant traffic for maximum results.


7.08 %

Increase in form enquiries
When comparing March- April 2023 with January- February 2023.

22.89 %

Increase in calls
To relevant areas of interest such as Fulfilment, Contact Centres, Mail, and Parcels when comparing March - April 2023 to January - February 2023.

Leafletdrop platform marketing retainer, 2023

Customer Acquisition
Leafletdrop is a sub-brand owned by Whistl and is the UK's leading leaflet distribution platform, providing targeted leaflet advertising from design to distribution. Leafletdrop wanted to drive quality traffic to the website, boost sign-up rates, and change competitors’ perceptions through enhanced digital marketing efforts.


  • Maintain digital performance marketing of Leafletdrop site.
  • Drive quality traffic to the website and increase sign-up rates on the site.

Marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy team devised a roadmap to achieve the objectives set out by Leafletdrop. There has been a focus on sign-up quality, leading to research projects into the audiences and personas to create hyper-targeted content. Furthermore, Google and Bing Ads are conducted alongside organic search to meet the required registrations.


41.75 %

Increase in new sign-ups
Q1 2023 to Q2 2022

70.07 %

Increase in PPC Conversions
YoY in January 2023

28 %

Increase in sign-ups YoY
In March 2023

Everything you already do! Every member of the team is a true
 asset; not only are they great at what they do, but they are also all great people!

Carl Osborne
Marketing Manager (Lead Generation), Whistl

Relish marketing retainer, 2022

Customer Acquisition


Relish is another sub-brand owned by Whistl, specialising in product sampling. Relish was spending money on inbound paid campaigns with incredibly high bounce rates and poorly optimised landing pages.

Rawnet partnered with the team to enhance ROI by revamping landing pages to engage the right audiences. The goal was to generate more significant leads through better PPC campaigns and marketing strategies.


  • Increase traffic by 50% within 12 months.
  • Convert 1% of traffic on the site into MQLs
  • Overall, attract more sizable and desired leads that align with the types of companies Relish wants to work with and the services they offer.


We found areas to improve with Relish's paid campaigns to improve their high bounce rates. We collaborated with Relish to restructure their PPC campaigns, optimising keywords, ad copy, and bid strategies. We optimised their landing pages and user experience and implemented SEO strategies to improve organic search rankings.


157 %

Increase in leads
When comparing August 2021- June 2022 (11 months previous to working with us), to the period of July 2022 - April 2023 (10 months) working together.

21.53 %

Increase in site impressions
When comparing 23rd Feb 2023 - 22nd May 2023 to 23rd Nov 2022 - 22nd Feb 2023, before working with us.

90 %

Increase in form fills

The future of the partnership

Throughout our nearly 10-year partnership with Whistl, we have played a crucial role in helping them achieve their digital ambitions. As their trusted digital partner, we have collaborated closely to develop and implement successful strategies that have driven their marketing and business objectives forward.

We look forward to continuing our work together, helping Whistl achieve their aggressive growth targets and further enhancing their digital presence in the logistics industry.


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Shortlisted for Supplier of the Year 2022

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