Helping Whistl to drive conversion

Customer Centric UX, Web Development, Commercial & Growth Strategy

Whistl appointed Rawnet as their sole digital partner in 2019 after a 5 year relationship with the brand. We've just launched a major project, a customer focussed overhaul of their corporate website and strategic development of how they deliver information to their core customer base.

Whistl came to us with an out of date and quite frankly, bloated website. The previous site didn't reflect the sophisticated services they now offer. New services were added and customer journeys weren't properly considered. They required refocussing, in line with their newly evolved value propositions.

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Quality and quantity

The previous site was getting a lot of enquiries but the quality wasn’t great. The goal for the new site is to generate higher quality leads at a higher volume, so we had to think about user intent and analyse their traffic to determine why the quality of conversion was low.

As well as this, new services such as Fulfillment and Contact Centre had evolved within the business, but they weren't represented clearly online.

Balancing user intent with business objectives

By working strategically and in partnership with Whistl during the Discovery phase, we redefined their user profiles, got under the skin of the business and understood their competition and key challenges. This meant we could propose a well informed, robust digital platform to better engage potential customers and drive valuable conversions.

This early strategic phase led to the development of clear 'service pillars' (see below) all housed under the Whistl brand. Previously these services sat on their own websites, confusing the user journey and their customers.

During the Define stage of the project we simplified UX across the site while balancing Whistl's business objectives to raise the profile of new service offerings. We made it as painless as possible for users to navigate, with the key metric being to drive new business enquiries.

We paid attention to the UX of the enquiry form specifically, in order to improve the quality and detail sent to the sales team.

After the UX and design phase, we delivered a website built on the latest, stable release of the Concrete5 CMS platform. 

It's still early

We can't publish any tangible results just yet as the site only launched in April, early indications are strong. Contact Gyles if you want to see results as we publish them.