ITV Studios

A new distribution platform for ITV Studios helping them more effectively sell their content via a bespoke website and application

ITV had a disjointed website that was difficult for buyers and sellers to use, no central system to manage their 40,000 hours of content and above all they were struggling with several disjointed systems that took a lot of manual effort to keep afloat.

They realised this was preventing them from providing their customers the kind of online service and experience they expected, which meant they were losing traffic to the site, interest in their programmes and ultimately sales and revenue.

To add to the issues, ITV showcase their programmes at two of the world’s biggest content markets - MIPTV and MIPCOM, where their 60+ salespeople have sit-down meetings with over 1,000 clients and their current technology was proving ineffective too.


  • Create internal efficiencies, saving the marketing & sales team time
  • Make content more accessible for their target market
  • Create a better customer experience, specifically at large events
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The Solution

A clever combination of a single database, iPad sales toolkits and a bespoke local video server enabled us to save ITV hundreds of hours in programme maintenance.

ITV Studios can now exhibit all of their content both online and offline. Offline they can capture prospect details as usual and later sync to their main online marketing website.  We also gave ITV Studios’ prospects the best possible experience when interacting with their content. 

  • Website

We redesigned the customer experience, enabling buyers to personalise based on their content preferences. As it’s all tied together on one single platform, the sales team was then able to tailor their meetings and content suggestions in meetings.

  • Single Platform

We created a single platform that spanned both the ITV Studios global entertainment website and exhibition experience, tied together with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

  • Mobile Application

To allow the sales team to showcase their programs whilst travelling, but also so customers could enjoy screening content outside of the office

The Exhibition Experience

ITV Studios can now exhibit all of their content both online and offline. Offline they can capture prospect details as usual and later sync to their main online marketing website.

  • Choose your screen

ITV MIP visitors could view content on an iPad screen and at the touch of a button, it would instantly stream on the nearest TV.

  • Secure server

2,122 HD videos are hosted on a secure server, allowing instant access to content.

  • Complete control

ITV Studios sales reps can book meetings, order screening packs or even control their nearest TV through the iPad app.

Reporting & Sales Platform

With a shiny new website and event showcase app, ITV needed a way to integrate their website and event workflows online with advanced reporting. As a result, we created a sales portal full of useful tools. The sales team can now approve their own prospects and event schedules can be booked through a bespoke meeting management platform.

Meeting notes made on the iPad at events are synced back to the sales portal for online viewing and to top it all off the sales and marketing teams have access to a comprehensive reporting module to track programme popularity and user behaviour.

Both the website project and the iPad application were a huge success. We enjoyed a 94% increase in visits and received over 400+ new registrations, allowing us to increase our CRM significantly.

Greg Emson Digital Manager ITV Studios