Transforming the way ITV Studios interact with their customers


Over four years we have worked hard to develop a new website, sales toolkit, CRM and exhibition screening system to revolutionise the way ITV operate.

It was a complicated process with multiple internal stakeholders to appease, not to mention an army of salespeople who needed training on the new sales tools.


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Key challenges

ITV's website was difficult for buyers and sellers to use, there was no central system to manage their 40,000 hours of content and they were struggling with several disjointed systems.  

As a result they were losing traffic on the site, interest in their programmes and ultimately sales and revenue. With all these inefficiencies and no tracking to learn from, they needed to overhaul their strategy.

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Commercial Advancement at the Heart

As our logo suggests, at the heart of every project we undertake is the drive to push Commercial Advancement. We don’t do stand-alone campaigns. We don’t create short-lived or short-sighted strategies, we’re here to work with you on your organisation’s journey.

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The Solution

A clever combination of a single database, iPad sales toolkits and a bespoke local video server enabled us to save ITV hundreds of hours in programme maintenance.

ITV Studios can now exhibit all of their content both online and offline. Offline they can capture prospect details as usual and later sync to their main online marketing website.  We also gave ITV Studios’ prospects the best possible experience when interacting with their content.  

The new site and systems have been so successful that since then we have gone on to produce many more innovations:

  • A custom-built iPad meeting application that allows the sales team to present bespoke pitches to individual clients.
  • We integrated their website and event workflows online with advanced reporting. As a result, we created a sales portal full of useful tools.
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The results

271% Increase in daily users

192%Increase in daily pageviews

1300 Users registered since launch

Client love

Both the website project and the iPad application were a huge success. We enjoyed a 94% increase in visits and received over 400+ new registrations, allowing us to increase our CRM significantly.

We want to say a MASSIVE ‘Thank You’ to you all for doing such a great job with this project, from start to end you have been fantastic. You have really delivered on everything that you sold us at the pitch process and beyond.

Greg Emson
ITV Studios