ITV Media.

A new proposition, website & MarTech enabling ITV Media to optimise their customer experience and drive better quality leads.

The ITV brand is a global powerhouse and as a result, the ITV Media (ITV's commercial advertising arm) site was attracting the wrong audience.

Visitors to the site were landing there expecting to watch programmes via the ITV Hub, leading to a high bounce rate and a confusing customer experience.

We've worked with the team at ITV Media for a number of years now, making us the ideal partner to help them overcome their challenges and drive the brand forward.


  • Improve the experience for ITV Media customers & reduce frustrations for people looking for the ITV Hub
  • Increase quantity and improve quality of leads for the sales team
  • Overhaul creative to bring up to date with refreshed brand
  • Reduce irrelevant traffic and enquiries
  • Drive efficiencies for internal teams; reducing time taken responding to poor quality enquiries & save time updating content on site.
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Defining a digital strategy for growth

We started with our strategy team, who embedded themselves into the ITV Media business to gain a deep understanding of their core challenges through a series of workshops, interviews & surveys. The goal was to define a plan of recommended digital changes to overcome ITV Media's challenges, assist continued commercial growth and take full advantage of future opportunities in the market.

From that, we discovered that one of ITV Media’s business KPIs was to expand the client portfolio via SMEs and reduce the reliance on securing budgets from the ‘big brands’.

However, SME target customers looking on the ITV Media website were faced with an offering that was too daunting. It didn’t look affordable or accessible, and was a barrier to conversion for mid sized brands.

It became clear that refinements to the ITV Media proposition were necessary in order to drive the brand forward, both in terms of attracting a wider portfolio of clients & reducing frustration for visitors looking for the ITV Hub.

We worked with ITV Media to develop a really clear value proposition, communicating their service offerings in a manner that resonated with their target audience.

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Making Ideas Reality

We'll help your brand grow with unique advertising designed to get you noticed.

ITV Media's new proposition

The new proposition formed the foundation for the information architecture and UX design, which was followed by the design and build of a new website.

The structure of the site was optimised so that the right content was seen in the right place. We removed their catalogue of programmes from the site, as that’s what is for, and instead used specific programmes as case studies to showcase the amazing advertising successes ITV Media’s customers have had. This helped to reduce confusion, improve the customer experience and drive better quality leads.

Conversational marketing

We implemented and configured Drift (a conversational marketing platform) to streamline the process of starting a conversation with ITV Media and to help generate and pre-qualify leads, using automation, before sending to the sales team via the Salesforce integration, shortening the time for follow up and conversion. Drift allows ITV Media to engage with their audience at any time, understand their audience's needs and be able to effectively recommend the right product/solution or next step to them. 

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Cost savings & efficiency

The site is now hosted on a flexible AWS solution, which scales based on demand. This means any cost saving can be passed onto ITV Media. This architecture means minimal intervention is needed from our DevOps team - all round it’s more efficient. 

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Results & next phases

The website now effectively communicates ITV Media’s creative and strategic capabilities, which sets them apart from a ‘standard’ advertising channel.

  • Drastically improved quality of leads
  • More data for the business development team
  • Better experience for ITV viewers overall searching for programmes
  • Save time for the business when updating content on the site, business development and in the sales process

Phase 2 will focus on providing the internal sales team with the tools to effectively connect with their prospective and existing customers and using technology to create efficiencies within the business.