Bringing the 'More Than TV' era to life

Value Proposition, Web Design, Web Development & Digital Strategy.

In the 4 years we’ve spent working together, ITV has gone through some big changes and 2019 was no different. They repositioned the brand as 'More than TV' and cemented themselves as one of the most respected leaders in the broadcast industry. We’ve stayed close to advise on any digital changes needed to properly reflect this repositioning and assist with their continued commercial growth. 

To provoke discussion and thought from the wider business we had to pose deeper questions, including; How is the brand used? How is it perceived by customers (existing and potential)? How can technology and content be used effectively to deliver growth? Their answers prompted the development of a new website; making the customer their prime focus.

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Targeting the right audience

The ITV brand is globally recognised and as a result the ITV Media site was attracting the wrong audience, content consumers who were trying to watch programmes via the Hub. This meant the site wasn’t living up to its commercial potential.

Our first job was to understand who their real audience is and what they want. To filter out the content consumers any visitor had to clearly understand what ITV Media do, quickly.

Putting the customer first was the core focus of the project, ensuring the website, content and systems were set up with the customer in mind allowed the platform to generate leads and a demonstrable ROI for the future.

Creating seamless customer experiences

The site should be a platform for businesses to see real examples of how ITV Media is the place where they can create an real impact through a multi-channel, multi-purpose advertising strategy. 

We worked with ITV to develop a clear value proposition to communicate their service offerings in an appealing manner that resonates with their target audience. 

Once we defined the value proposition we went on to design and build a website to enable them to communicate their offering,  filter out irrelevant traffic and optimise the time the marketing team spend on maintaining the site.

The website now effectively demonstrates ITV Media’s creative and strategic capabilities, which sets them apart from a ‘standard’ advertising channel. 

We implemented and configured Drift (a conversational marketing platform) to streamline the process of starting a conversation with ITV Media and to help pre-qualify leads, using automation, before sending to the sales team via the Salesforce integration.

The site is now hosted on a flexible AWS solution, which scales based on demand. This means any cost saving can be passed onto ITV Media. This architecture means minimal intervention is needed from our DevOps team - all round it’s more efficient.

Empowering front line teams

Now the site is live we’ve begun Phase 2. We’re focussing on providing the internal sales team with the tools to effectively connect with their prospective and existing customers and using technology to create efficiencies within the business.