Hornby: Corgi.

Using paid social to see an incredible return on ad spend (ROAS)

Corgi's famous model vehicles captured the imagination of millions of baby boomers and, what were once simply toys for boys, are highly sought-after in the expanding collectables market. Today, the majority of Corgi cars, trucks and buses are produced as once-only Limited Editions and are often sold out within weeks of release.

The Strategy

While working with Corgi, we aimed to use paid social media strategies to increase ROAS and increase sales through upselling and cross-selling. We also focused on making these already sought after products even more irresistible through similar product options and targeted landing pages encouraging hobbyists to purchase sets instead of individual products.

Through using highly specific and targeted Facebook audiences based on persona targeting and characteristic, we achieved some incredible ad campaigns results. As our marketing strategists optimise and develop these campaigns, these results continue to grow.


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The Results

The campaigns achieved a 993.5% ROAS over two months from Sept 21 - Oct 21. November 2021 is one of Corgi’s most successful months, achieving a conversion rate of 2.17%. 


ROAS (Sept 21 - Oct 21)


Conversion Rate