Bottomline Technologies.

Empowering Bottomline Technologies to improve their customer experience and drive forward as a disruptive technology leader.

Bottomline technologies had a sophisticated offering, servicing multiple industries built up over a number of years. As a result, their messaging had become too complicated and lacked a clear connection to their customers’ challenges and objectives.

They were looking for an agency to guide, challenge and support them on their journey to become a disruptive technology leader.

Key objectives

  • To position Bottomline as more than just a financial software company into a disruptive technology leader that will transform the Financial Services market and act as a true partner for all clients
  • Align wide portfolio of products with relevant customer segments to help improve website conversions
  • Restructure the website architecture to streamline user journeys
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Digital strategy

Our strategy team embedded themselves into the Bottomline Technologies business to gain a deep understanding of their core offering and challenges. The goal was to define a plan of recommended digital changes to overcome Bottomline Technologies’ challenges, assist continued commercial growth and continue their journey as a disruptive technology leader.

We identified that prospects were faced with an offering of 31 solutions which was daunting to SMEs, banks and corporates alike.

Regardless of experience in the industry, potential leads were faced with an alarming number of options and possibilities which put too much onus on them to navigate and work out for themselves.

What Bottomline Technologies provide is second to none in the industries they service with capabilities that are seriously impressive. But this was lost amongst large quantities of content and too many user journeys. Ultimately, this lost them potential conversions, resulting in fewer leads.

One of the first areas we looked at when simplifying the user journeys was how we simplify the proposition. To define the new proposition, we took the following steps:


1. Discovery Workshops. We ran workshops across the US, EMEA & APAC to understand how the internal teams summarise and explain what the business provides customers. This led to discussions around identifying the core customer types by industry & which markets each product was servicing. We then regrouped the solutions & products for a truly global proposition that ensures consistency internationally.

2. Search Potential. Search data was analysed for keywords currently being targeted and solutions advertised. This provided us with the insight needed to understand what customers are actually searching for and what is lost amongst the offering currently and therefore wouldn’t be missed.

3. Current Performance. We reviewed the current organic positioning for all solutions and keywords driving traffic along with page views from the current site for US, UK & APAC. This along with the search potential allowed us to whittle down the revised offering.

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Creative & technical build

We helped Bottomline Technologies to refine their offering and keep it focused on several core areas only.  We designed simplified user journeys for the new website that allowed users to browse top level solutions and contact Bottomline at every point with a proposition that doesn’t take minutes to understand, and introduced new online tools to save prospects time on the website.

A simplified Information Architecture was introduced with the new site, making the right content easily available to the right prospects. Visitors can now browse by solution, or by business type, cutting out any confusion and improving their experience.

We added a tailored lead generation enquiry form, that’s unique for each customer type and solution.

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Conversational marketing

We implemented and configured Drift (a conversational marketing platform) to simplify the process of starting a conversation with Bottomline Technologies and to help them better qualify leads, using automation, before sending to the sales team.

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Sales growth & traffic generation

Our growth marketing team increased the level of tracking for Bottomline Technologies’ website so we can monitor engagement and continuously refine and update the content and user journeys to increase conversions.

Bottomline use our sales growth & traffic generation offering, utilising our strategic team members on an ongoing basis to make proactive changes and cement their position as market leaders.

The results

A new digital experience and improved customer messaging for Bottomline’s sophisticated offerings that connected the message and experience to the ideal customer while remaining empathetic to a potential customer’s state of mind while browsing.


Number of qualified leads month following the launch (June 2020)


Increase in web conversions YoY


Increase in traffic to the site

The Rawnet team is incredibly responsive from a project management/strategic perspective. Everyone is so willing to help and supportive of the Bottomline team. I’m impressed by the light, agile nature of UI and Dev - the team has done so much in such a short period of time.

Christine Nurnberger Chief Marketing Officer Bottomline Technologies