The Ascot App, for a raceday experience like no other

Acquiring customer data has always been a challenge for Ascot Racecourse due to the fact that tickets are often purchased as part of a group booking, meaning that on average they only capture information on 1 in 6 event attendees.

Rawnet’s brief was to provide race-goers with an essential reason to engage personally with Ascot Racecourse, ensuring customers' data was retained for future marketing opportunities while providing visitors with a meaningful reward for parting with their personal details.

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How do you reimagine one of Britain’s most prestigious events to incorporate meaningful technology engagement while ensuring it is valuable to all social tiers of visitor?

Ascot Racecourse provides the World’s finest race day experience, attracting visitors from all across the globe for their flagship events. In Royal Ascot week alone over 300,000 people, from all walks of life, pour through the turnstiles to enjoy everything that this prestigious racecourse has to offer.

Providing a thrilling and memorable day out for such a large volume of people comes with an incredible number of challenges. Rawnet was asked to provide a layer of technology-based expertise to ensure that all customers received an experience like no other and keep Ascot Racecourse ahead of the chasing pack.

All you need to know about the Ascot Racecourse app

All you need to know about the Ascot Racecourse app

Key challenges

Acquiring data from each individual attending Ascot Racecourse events, as opposed to the ticket buyer only.

Keeping people within the ecosystem of Ascot Racecourse, encouraging return visits.

Improving the whole race day experience for customers to ensure Ascot Racecourse remains a market leader.

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Commercial Advancement at the Heart

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The Solution 

A native mobile app moulded around Ascot's current CMS, CRM and databases. Native IOS and Android apps seamlessly integrated with existing hospitality, content and booking APIs.

Though designed with the customer in mind, the solution also allowed efficiencies to be gained for internal operations and catering teams.

In addition to gaining more insight into numbers, Ascot's sales and marketing teams are armed with in-depth customer insights. The teams are leveraging the new insights to evolve their processes and utilising the data to aid new revenue streams



Phase one features


Users are able to find their way around the iconic venue with the interactive map and easily find bars, restaurants and facilities. 



Phase one features


Digital racecard. Taking the traditional racecard online so users have access to the latest form, news and race standings all in the app. 



Phase one features


Capture the essence of a race day from wherever you are using the social wall.  

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The results

Number one Sports App on the Playstore and App Store during Royal Ascot, 20k downloads for that week alone. Budget secured for phase 2 which will truly cement Ascot's position as an industry leader.

App Store

The app store ratings were a really pleasing read with users reporting the positive impact the app had on their raceday experience, both before and during the Royal Ascot event.

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Bloody useful! Easy to use and stacked with information. I'm already planning my next trip.

Dan Telford - June 18, 2017

Star rating

This app has exactly the feel you'd expect from a brand like Ascot with tonnes of useful information.

Stevethepuzzle - Jun 15, 2017