Sharps Bedrooms.

A new website and digital strategy enabling Sharps to optimise their customer experience and drive better quality leads

Sharps Bedrooms was enjoying a period of huge growth and needed a website that could scale with them.

Despite the majority of their visitors viewing via mobile devices, the site wasn’t mobile friendly which was heavily impacting conversions. Their customer journeys needed tightening up in order to drive more design visits & they wanted to capture more and better quality data about their customers in order to provide a truly personalised customer experience. 

Key objectives

  • Increase conversion rate from users to prospects and the number and quality of design visits - delivering a better ROI on marketing spend
  • Improve data capture to better qualify leads and gain more customer insight
  • Refine Sharps’ pre and post design visit experience
  • Create a better experience for an ever-expanding mobile audience
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Digital strategy

Although the original brief was to overhaul Sharps' website, we knew that the site only formed one part of the overall customer experience. So, we reviewed all customer touch points, from product discovery, product awareness, decision fatigue, sales pressure defence, to social reassurance.

  • Potential customers were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice, there was a lack of information about the process of buying a bespoke, fitted wardrobe.
  • Call to actions were confusing and potential customers took a leap of faith to invite a sales rep into their home, inadvertently qualifying themselves into a sales process they knew very little about.
  • There was an ongoing YoY increase in visitors accessing the site via mobile devices, but the experience wasn’t mobile friendly.
  • Sharps fitted wardrobes are a luxury, quality product, which wasn’t reflected in the aesthetic of the website.
  • The positioning of products, differentiators and structure of the site was confusing.

Intuitive user journeys

Sharps’ previous user journeys were focused around product ranges, which caused confusion.

We restructured the product categorisation around more consumer facing terms, using room types instead of ranges which resonated with the customer through their decision making process. 

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Mobile first

Data shows that there is an ever expanding mobile audience visiting and engaging with the Sharps website.

Therefore we took a mobile first approach in design and build, so that those visiting the site on mobile have an optimised experience rather than scaling down a fully functioning desktop site and therefore reducing mobile functionality. 

sharps mobile first


An aesthetic that utilises inspirational product shots and bold, elegant type to create an upmarket feel, aligning with existing marketing collateral to ensure a cohesive brand presence that’s more reflective of the luxury products Sharps sell.

Buying Sharps products is a lifestyle choice, we wanted to make sure the products resonated and enticed visitors to want to have the same solutions in their own home.

Designs Large
Designs Small

Autonomy & scalability

We built the site with a Concrete5 CMS, which is flexible, scaleable and intuitive. It means the Sharps marketing team can be completely independent when making updates to the site, and we have a solid foundation that can be built upon in the future. The site is hosted on AWS, and is designed to autoscale throughout the day to increase and decrease server capacity based on traffic demand. It’s providing great value for money for Sharps and is extremely robust as a traffic influx wont take down the site!

Data capture

We made sure to present relevant CTA’s at the right time to engage customers in the right way. We prioritised the most relevant purchase journey CTAs over general contact, which improved the quality of leads being received and enabled users to find the right way to get in to contact in the right place. Filling in forms is simple and assisted by functionality such as address lookups, meaning users are able to fill in forms faster and with reduced effort.

Content updates

We used keyword research and analytics to enable Sharps to pull out the right messaging at the right point in the customer journey. Key points of differentiation are articulated clearly, helping to drive conversions.

The results

Since the site went live we have been working in collaboration with Sharps and their other agencies to enhance brand presence through organic marketing strategies, as well as driving CRO as a collective group. This, coupled with the much improved UX, has led to some really great results.


Increase in brochure requests


Increase in design visits


Increase in average time on page

We decided to partner with Rawnet as their understanding of our core value proposition and business objectives were outstanding compared to other agencies. Their pitch was very thorough and they presented new ideas and strategies that we employ now.

Jared Andrews Digital Marketing Manager Sharps