Rawnet rebrand

Mat Johnson
Mat Johnson Lead Designer | Creative

Once upon a time…

When our most recent version of our brand launched way back in 2014 it was new, innovative, and just a lovely thing to behold. We had a bespoke brand colour (Rocket Red!), and we created a side-scrolling beauty of a site that was full of bespoke imagery with our brand interwoven throughout. We were winning awards! We were doing so well!…


But all that bespoke beauty came at a cost. That snazzy red colour that looked epic in all the print collateral we created didn’t translate quite as well to screens (we were in love, it was just such a nice colour!). We spent days at a time crafting a single case study page, but we were growing and that amount of time wasn’t sustainable for long. The lovely ‘Rawnet-ness’ essence slowly disappeared. 

What changed?!

Put simply, we allowed our brand to dilute over time to a point where we no longer recognised ourselves. And potential clients couldn’t get a feeling for what we were about either. We had been complacent for too long. We are Rawnet, we are better than this.

A wakeup call

When a potential client didn’t invite us to pitch, and cited the website as the reason why, we had to take a good look at ourselves. Taking a step back we realised that we just weren’t practicing what we preach. We believe a brand should be distinct, scalable and cohesive, and yet here we were with a shop-window that, if we’re honest, wasn’t resonating.

So, we set to work. It was time to create something that we could all be proud of again.

Rawnet 2020

We absolutely didn’t want to ditch a logo that has a very real meaning to us. The graph & heart, or progress & passion is what we’re all about, so that stays. The big change though, was to bring back our name. Say what? Yes, in our 2014 rebrand we removed our name (RIP, Prince) from the logo, and only used the ‘icons’ portion. Removing the name was meant to be disruptive (remember that word?) at the time, but in hindsight it just confused people. We are Rawnet! So the name is back. 

Rawnet 2020

Brand assets

Stemming from our logo are the diagonal forms that permeate the new brand. Used to house imagery, CTA’s, and even entire portions of the site, these bold shapes keep the brand consistent no matter what colour combination is used. They also lend themselves to rather nice animation.

made with

Colours & fonts

Next up, the palette. Now, we’ve kept things rather bright here, and not strayed too far from red. It’s an evolution. The new hero colour is Rose, or Rosé depending who you ask, and we’ve teamed that with white, navy and a lighter pink. Rose, it’s ROSE! The new colours alone give us so many more options than the previous brand incarnation.

The font is Helvetica. It’s a classic,‚Ä®move on.

Colours Fonts

The final word

At the core, we're still the same. That's why we kept our tone of voice & values the same. We just needed that to be reflected visually. Our talented team have worked hard to create a brand that is all the things it should be - distinct, memorable, scalable, cohesive and of course accessible. And we did this by never compromising, never going down the easy route, but always striving for perfection. We have a newfound value in our brand, and I don’t think we’ll ever lose that again. Good enough is never good enough, as they say.

We are Rawnet.

Rawnet 2020