Brighton SEO presentations - 7th April 2017

Nick Phipps
Nick Phipps Digital Strategist | Strategy Team

The biggest BrightonSEO event yet, sunshine, fish & chips on the beach... not a bad way to spend a Friday.

The weather matched the occasion and the incredible line-up of talented speakers didn't disappoint. This was in our opinion the best BrightonSEO ever. We listened to a number of really interesting talks including; Tom Bennet discussing how to use Google Tag Manager to report on your content marketing, Raj Nijjer from Yext with a detailed look into the future of voice search. But we barely scratched the surface. So we went on the hunt for the sessions we missed and collated this list of the entire day.

As you can see there are a few presentations missing, to help us fill in the blanks tweet us if you find any @rawnet.

Authoritas also filmed the day from Auditorium 1, watch here.

Morning sessions

Auditorium 1

Raj Nijjer – AI and Structured Data: How Voice Search Raises the Stakes for Businesses

Purna Virji – Keywordless Searches: How Your Camera is the New Search Box

Will Cecil – Developing an enterprise level SEO data strategy – challenges and experiences from the frontline


Auditorium - Search & Data

Tom Capper – Links & Rankings: The Story in the Data

Neil Lawrence – Lies, Damned Lies and Big Data

Claudia Higgins – Getting the most out of the SEO data you can get for free

Malcolm Slade – Brand: The Only Future Ranking Factor


Syndicate halls 1 & 2 – AI & Machine Learning

Shaona Ghosh – Machine Learning and AI algorithms

Thomas Nowotny – Bio-inspired computing and control

Neill Horie – SEO & Artificial Intelligence Optimisation


Syndicate halls 3 & 4 – Fundamentals

Lotty Chudley – Persuading Consumers to Part with Their Cash: Tips & Tricks for Conversion

Laura Hogan – Utilising Search Console for SEO Quick Wins

Roxana Stingu – WordPress optimisation beyond the Yoast plug-in


Restaurant Stage – Biddable

Susana Valverde Solano – How to choose where we invest our media spend

Marco Volpe – How to create your own dynamic remarketing

Sam Vandermark – Looking beyond paid search for better biddable results


Meeting Room 1A – Mobile

Robin Fry – Lessons that non-game app promoters can learn from the mobile game industry

Thomas Petit – A/B testing your app store listings

Daniel Rowles – Mobile first indexing – what it means to you in practice


Meeting Room 1B – eCommerce Success 

Zak Edwards – Don’t be Awesome! Just be alright at everything!

John Ashton – Common mistakes retailers still make in eCommerce

Alina Ghost – Managing SEO in a Complex Business



Mid-morning sessions

Auditorium 1

Marcus Tober – Why SEO and Content Marketing must always be data-driven

Tom Benett – Measuring Content Success with GTM

Jade Rattan – The 8 Step Checklist for Creating a Show Stopping Distribution Plan

Auditorium 2 – SEO Audits

Anita Valentinova – Power of simple – Python scripts to automated SEO checks

Philip Gamble – Technical SEO beyond the initial audit

Andreas Voniatis – Boosting SEO audit recommendations with machine learning


Syndicate Halls 1 & 2 – Site Speed

Mark Edmondson – Supercharging websites with a real-time R API

Barry Adams – Are Accelerated Mobile Pages Really Worth It? Google AMP Case Studies

Bastian Grimm – Three site speed optimisation tips to make your website REALLY fast


Syndicate Halls 3 & 4 – Insight

Tony Lu – How realtime dashboards can help you make better decisions.

Al Wightman – How can Google Data Studio help me?

Oyin Bamgbose – Call Intelligence: Eliminate your conversion blind spot


Restaurant Stage - Future of Paid 

Samantha Noble – How to use Paid Media to increase the lifetime value of a customer

Vikas Arora – Bing is Bigger than you think

Sophie Turton – The psychology of language for PPC


Meeting Room 1B – Mass Content, Mass Opportunity 

Sophie Moule – Using Search Data to Inform Business Strategy

Graham Macfadyen – Content strategies for digital audience growth

David Cox – Needles and haystacks: The challenges of discoverability in academic publishing



Early afternoon sessions

Auditorium 1

Adrian Phipps – How to rank in the answer box

Polly Pospelova – How to take advantage of Google using Usage Metrics for rankings

Sam Auchterlonie – How to hack your SERPs using a lean approach


Auditorium 2 – Crawl & Indexation

Charlie Whitworth – How To Combat Crawl Bloat & Prune Your Content Effectively

Sean Butcher – So you think you know canonical tags?

Janet Plumpton – How to use XPath and CSSPath for eCommerce Websites


Syndicate Halls 1 & 2 - Local

Greg Gifford – Advanced Local SEO Tips to help you murder your competitors - Amazing slides!

Ronell Smith – Localized Content: Better a Shield Than a Sword

Dan Thwaites – Content, Trust and Echo Chambers


Syndicate Halls 3 & 4 – ECOMMERCE

Charlie Williams – Shop it like it’s hot: E-commerce content that’s worth a damn

Edward Cowell – Untapping the hidden potential of post purchase data and customer advocacy in e-commerce SEO

Kristal Ireland – Tech Futures in High Transaction Environments


Restaurant Stage - Paid 

Arianne Donoghue – Power Up Your PPC

Jennifer Holt – Get More QUALITY Leads from your PPC Campaign

Anu Adegbola – PPC Automation


Meeting Room 1A – Video & VR

Charlotte Davis & Sam Orams – Online video: Maximising ROI for brands

Sam Watts – Introduction to VR: Past, Presence and Future


Meeting Room 1B – Agile, Big Brand Strategy 

Robin Fishley – Brand Search, Ethics and the Future

Hannah Gordon Smith – Tackling complex journeys: single strategy for multi sites

Chris Fender – L’Oréal’s Digital Data Opportunity



Late afternoon sessions

Auditorium 1

Alexandra Lever – How partnerships and sponsorships can help your search marketing efforts

Sam Charles – How to Build High-Quality Links Without Spending Money

Christoph Cemper – 5 Years of Google Penguin


Auditorium 2 - Onsite

Omi Sido – Beyond the Basics of Website Migration: Tried, Tested & Successful

Emily McLaren – Site Migration: Avoiding Sticky Situations

Chris Liversidge – Using Google’s Search Console API & Pivot Tables To Supercharge Your Long-Tail SEO


Syndicate Halls 1 & 2 – Search Quality 

Kaspar Szymanski – Google Penalties – Understanding and Dealing with all Google Manual Spam Actions

Jennifer Slegg – SEO Insights from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines for High Ranking Sites

Chris Munch – How SEO Bloggers Got a Panda Update Completely Wrong


Syndicate Halls 3 & 4 – Measurement

Alban Gérôme – Easy page element tracking with Kermit

Jess Spate – Sampling and sample size in Google Analytics

Michal Brys – Web user tracking behind the scenes


Restaurant Stage – Paid Social

Tara West – How to boss Sequential Advertising in Facebook

Ned Poulter – Facebook Ads: Process, Targeting & Tools, then back again. In 20 minutes

Samantha Hearn – Honeypots: How to use social media to boast your AdWords campaigns


Meeting Room 1A – Business

Hannah Butcher – How to survive being an introvert in a LOUD industry

Sophie Iredale – Should Search Marketers do more to protect their professional Conduct?

Monica Georgieff – Running Marketing like Lean Software Development



Rory Sutherland – Are we creating a culture where it pays to be boring?