Included in the toolkit

We've curated a selection of the most useful resources to help facilitate workshops when starting digital projects, we've included these and more...

  • The Business Model Canvas
  • The Industry Context Canvas
  • The Value Proposition Canvas
  • The Competitor Quadrant 
  • The User Journey Map
  • The Execution Roadmap 
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Using the Toolkit

We use these as frameworks for workshops in the Discover & Define milestones of our process. Using the correct sheets will help you identify the core challenges, enabling you to focus on solutions in the right areas. Taking the time upfront to nail this pays dividends later down the line when you embark on designing your digital product.


Below are a few examples of typical challenges and the relevant sheets to use as a team. More often than not, you will find you have multiple challenges, and in which case, a selection of the exercises should be used over a workshop.

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Value Proposition

Focus here if your customer's needs or business has evolved, and you need to realign how you communicate with your target audiences.

  • Vision Statement
  • Company Vision
  • Find Your Why
  • Personality

User Experience

Focus here if you are having trouble servicing your customers online. Perhaps this has been direct feedback, or maybe you aren't seeing the data you expected.

  • User Journey Map
  • Customer Segment


Sometimes, systems become obsolete, and innovation can help you become more scalable - focus here to see if efficiencies can be made across them.

  • System Infrastructure
  • Data Migration Planning