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Webinar Overview

At the end of the last year, we hosted The Art of the Brief virtual webinar. Rawnet Managing Director, Adam Smith, taught his proven brief-writing methodologies that get both your external agencies and internal teams delivering real value.

You'll learn what to include and exclude to create a brief that results in successful digital & marketing projects. Furthermore, our 'Request for solution' writing guide is available to download, helping to facilitate your brief-writing in the future. It's never been more important to write the perfect brief.  Easier said than done.

Get started with the RFS guide 

We've assembled a selection of elements from the Art of the Brief webinar and added them all to this guide.

These resources will help you write briefs to yield the most successful digital & marketing projects- including:

  • The step-by-step process of brief writing
  • A Guide to writing a request for solution, with all the fundamental headings
  • A better scoring matrix
Download The Request for Solution Guide
Your Host

About Adam.

Over 18 years in charge of Rawnet, Adam has read, responded to and actioned thousands of briefs from a myriad of clients globally. He's also rejected RFPs he's been sent, knowing that the project was doomed to fail.

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Adam Smith, Managing Director

Join the Art of the Brief as Adam explains what to do (and not do) to yield maximum results for your project.