Sanity agency partner

Rawnet, together with Sanity, helps developers create a customisable and composable content space for easy back-end use.

What is Sanity?

Sanity is a modern headless CMS (Content Management System). They use structured content to endlessly re-use content across any channel and a composable approach to help businesses connect to any third-party technology, data source, and front end framework.

With Sanity you can manage your text, images, and other media with APIs. You can also use the open-source single page application Sanity Studio to quickly set up an editing environment that you can customise. With Sanity you have access to a whole host of APIs, libraries, and tooling that helps you leverage the benefits of having all your content available as a single source of truth.

How we work together

As a Sanity agency partner, Rawnet maximises the impact the platform has on client sites to revolutionise their digital presence.

Seamlessly integrating customisable features and advanced functionalities, Sanity and Rawnet can transform your vision into reality, whether it's through dynamic websites, scalable e-commerce platforms, or engaging mobile applications.

Together Rawnet and Sanity can ensure your online presence stands out, delivering impactful solutions that drive your success in today's dynamic digital landscape. 

ExtraHop and Sanity

Extrahop approached us facing a challenge with their outdated CMS setup, a legacy system implemented by a previous development team. The existing CMS was ill-suited for their content editors' needs, hindered by a complex UI framework lacking in documentation and a cumbersome deployment process requiring extensive manual intervention from developers.

Tasked with sourcing a robust enterprise CMS solution that supported modern technology stacks and deployment methodologies, including single sign-on capability, server-side rendering, and static site generation, we diligently explored various options. Additionally, we sought a platform that afforded developers the flexibility to leverage Next.js's incremental site regeneration for frequently changing content.

Following a rigorous assessment, we confidently endorsed Sanity as the optimal CMS platform, perfectly attuned to our client's needs and budgetary considerations. Moreover, we equipped Extrahop's development team with an exhaustive roadmap detailing the adoption of the selected technology stack and deployment pipeline. Additionally, we allocated UI development resources to ensure timely project delivery, empowering them to efficiently accomplish their goals.

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