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FullStory, a top-tier customer experience analytics platform, empowers businesses with robust tools to capture, analyse, and strategically enhance user interactions.

What is FullStory?

FullStory, an industry-leading customer experience analytics platform, serves as a pivotal tool for businesses seeking comprehensive insights into user interactions across websites and mobile applications.

FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform automatically collects, structures, and indexes all insightful digital experience data. Our platform helps companies pinpoint customer pains and cure them, uncovering new insights that reduce cost and boost revenue. With integrations into many other digital experience platforms, we show you exactly where and how to make the experience better for your customers.

How we work together

Rawnet’s partnership with FullStory is integral to their commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions. As a FullStory agency partner, Rawnet collaborates seamlessly to utilise the platform's capabilities for the benefit of their clients.

By aligning their expertise with FullStory's industry-leading tools, Rawnet collectively strives to offer unparalleled digital experience intelligence. Through this collaboration, they are not only able to identify pain points along the customer journey but also provide opportunities for growth and innovation.

As a FullStory agency partner in the UK, Rawnet takes pride in their ability to seamlessly integrate FullStory's analytics into their workflow, creating a synergy that elevates the effectiveness of their data-driven decision-making process. By leveraging FullStory's robust analytics platform, Rawnet gains a profound understanding of revenue impact across all channels, offering a holistic view that allows them to pinpoint areas of friction and improve online effectiveness for their clients.

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