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◾️ Increase your lead generation by 157% with a strategic and targeted campaign from our acquisition team.
◾️ Boost quality traffic to your site by up to 87% through a site optimisation strategy.
◾️ See a potential 207% increase in revenue generated through targeted campaigns.

The user experience and overall design are over and above what we could have hoped for, not only has the product already achieved an NPS score of 74, but it was recently voted the top-rated funeral plan product on the market by Money Saving Expert, just 8 months post-launch. We look forward to continuing to work together as we continue to evolve and innovate.
Charlotte O’Shea
Dignity PLC
The Rawnet team is incredibly responsive from a project management/strategic perspective. Everyone is so willing to help and supportive of the Bottomline team. I’m impressed by the light, agile nature of UI and Dev - the team has done so much in such a short period of time.
Christine Nurnberger
Bottomline Technologies
Rawnet are an outstanding company to work with, operating more as an extension to our internal teams than as a separate agency. Friendly, creative and professional, the team is fully engaged in delivering for our business and genuinely seem to care about our outputs and results. I highly recommend Rawnet to anyone looking to grow their business at speed.
Dan Carter
Hornby Hobbies

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Explore our partnership success stories, showcasing how partnerships that deliver long-term value help businesses across industries achieve their digital ambitions.

We have been Whistl's trusted digital partner for nearly 10 years; we provide strategic support to help Whistl achieve its digital ambitions.


Since 2022 we have worked alongside Dignity to launch a brand new funeral plan service with user experience at its core.


Our journey started in 2018 with a site redesign but has grown tremendously since then to include digital tools, marketing campaigns and lead generation strategies.

The partner you need for UX

We specialise in UX strategy, offering comprehensive user experience audit and UX design audit services to optimise your digital presence.

Our user experience audit process utilises remote user testing tools, providing invaluable feedback on applications, features, and design changes. This ensures a thorough understanding of user interactions and helps refine UX strategies for enhanced engagement.

With our UX design audit services, we meticulously analyse user journeys and create low-fi wireframes to streamline product development. Additionally, our UI services bring prototypes to life, applying branding and refining interactions to deliver seamless user experiences.

Trust us to elevate your digital platform with our expertise in UX strategy and user-centric design.

Our expertise


Sometimes, you need an outside perspective to help you plan and prioritise your digital future. Each project requires a unique approach, but we will always be direct, rigorous, and motivated to create long-term value.

Brand & communication

We craft strong brands by aligning promises with customer experience. Our strategic approach ensures a distinctive, well-positioned brand that's consistently communicated across all touchpoints.

Product design

We build exceptional products and experiences that form the foundation of your ongoing competitive advantage. We specialise in both design and strategy, allowing us to create and launch products that exceed market expectations and create long-term value. 


We create engaging products, unlock your data's power, and build tailored software on a cloud-based foundation. We provide ongoing support and team augmentation to ensure your technology and your teams grow with your ambitions.

Customer acquisition

We craft effective digital strategies to deliver comprehensive full-funnel marketing solutions, optimise web presence through SEO and SEM and engage audiences via social media, email, and content marketing. Our data analysis expertise ensures informed decisions for sustained digital growth.


Our optimisation process combines data-driven insights with user experience analysis. We research usage patterns, identify issues, and develop solutions through rigorous testing to continuously improve your product.

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Stay up to date with the latest in digital with Rawnet. Discover our expert opinions, trending topics, agency news and more.

SaaS solutions are often hailed as the universal cure for rapid development.


Work experience with the Rawnet team is not to be missed.


Like it or not, AI adoption is growing rapidly, shaping our digital landscape.

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