Product and Service Development

Enterprise Web Development

We solve our clients' problems by building technical products and software solutions that have immediate commercial impact. We have a large web development team in-house that undertake the heavy lifting regarding bespoke web and software development

Multi-Platform Apps

Creating apps for just one platform means only catering to a small portion of your audience. We're not about doing things half-hearted, so our apps are designed for multiple platforms - leveraging the right technical approaches to ensure a consistent customer experience across Desktop, Mobile and Smart TV.

Native App Development

We develop bespoke applications for both Android and iOS, built specifically for your business needs. Using either a native approach or utilizing the revolutionary React Native framework, (depending on the app requirements), we run with a mobile-first mentality to ensure a solid and positive customer experience.

UX Research

Our design journeys start with the user and context. Researching and understanding the audience and their mental traits are key to project success. So how do we do this? We specialise in motivational and behavioural led digital engagement.

We help innovative companies get ahead of competitors by allowing customers to understand and access their services and products more effectively.

Our team of User Experience specialists are passionate about deeply understanding the motivations of your users. We don’t just build features or create ‘me too’ businesses, we take the time to work out what’s going to make people naturally engage and convert. We give them what they need, when they need it - allowing them to make informed choices.

Ascot Racecourse

Acquiring customer data has always been a challenge for Ascot Racecourse due to the fact that tickets are often purchased as part of a group booking. This means that on average they only manage to capture information for 1 in 6 of event attendees.

Rawnet’s brief was to provide race-goers with an essential reason to engage personally with Ascot Racecourse, ensuring customers data was retained for future marketing opportunities while proving visitors with a meaningful reward for parting with their personal details.

The service design series

We're filming interviews with forward-thinking service design advocates from the world's leading organisations, from financial institutions to charities to telcos. 

The aim of the series is to share knowledge and insight of how organisations can adapt to the changes necessary to enable service design and design thinking.