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Digital never sleeps and this list is not exhaustive.
We’re shaping industry trends and expanding our offering all the time. Our commercial focus is acquisition, engagement and conversion.

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  • Creative

    Like most others, we're not immune to charm, beauty and style. Exceptional creative is non-negotiable.

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  • Strategy

    Tap into our vast experience and create the strategy behind your next digital project.

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  • Comms

    We can help you master the art of digital communication

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  • Tech

    Our in-house technical team will bring your ideas to life.

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  • Foundry

    Workshops to identify business problems, explore creative ideas and forge the future.

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  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Comms
  • Tech
  • Foundry

Like most others, we’re not immune to charm, beauty and style. Even the most brilliant content will be ignored if it’s presented badly.

Every one of our award winning designers, each with at least a decade of great work in their wake, knows how to bring ideas to life.

We’re talking about creative minds who have an intimate understanding of the web, its users and what constitutes a quality user experience. You simply can’t take shortcuts with this phase of the work, creative is crucial.

Exceptional digital design is non-negotiable.

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About creative background


  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Comms
  • Tech
  • Foundry

Clever technology and beautiful design doesn't automatically equate to success - these are fast becoming commodities. True value comes from forming a strong commercial foundation at the outset, on which successful projects are built. That's where we come in.

Strategic thinking underpins everything we do, and ultimately creates market leadership, fame and fortune for our clients. That's because we have a comprehensive understanding of digital markeing, CRM strategies and we know how to create websites that speak emotionally to customers.

You might have a vague brief, plans for a specific project or perhaps you're simply looking to improve your game - our FOUNDRY workshops are designed to discover your next big idea.

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About creative background


  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Comms
  • Tech
  • Foundry

Modern marketing is about having an ongoing, engaging conversation rather than just shouting your virtues at the masses. Our know-how and toolset can simplify the process and tangibly measure your progress in what is an ever-evolving playing field.

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About creative background


  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Comms
  • Tech
  • Foundry

We have both a senior PHP and Ruby team - essential for creating bespoke web applications, mobile apps and Content Management Systems. We try to be platform agnostic and have a wealth of technologies and frameworks to choose from. We're big fans of using open-source libraries to save on development costs and are realistic when scoping a project to make sure our development team focus their time on custom builds.

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About creative background


  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Comms
  • Tech
  • Foundry

The FOUNDRY is Rawnet's way of packaging up our expertise and delivering it to you at a fraction of the cost of a full scale project. You'll get a lot of value from just a day or two of investment, but to be honest, it's also designed to make our lives easier when it comes to executing the project down the line. As always, the tighter the brief, the better the outcome. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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About creative background

...and how we do it

genuine means authentic

Being honest with clients and each other.
Plain-speaking, straight-shooting.
And transparent with the truth.
Accurate & clear.
It interrogates the brief, the client & their assumptions.
Deals in facts and truths.
Cuts through agency bullsh*t.
Says sorry when things go wrong.
Speaks informally, in plain language.
And sounds like a best friend who’s got your back.

passion is always contagious

It's loving what we do.
Unleashing our raw talent.
It can be a rush of power.
Or pure pleasure.
Driven to produce the best work.
And reach the most users.
It's charged with energy.
Dogged, relentless, proud.
Wakes people up, spurs people on.
And leaves a trail of brilliance.

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About awards

Multi Award Winning Projects

Our goal is for every client to tell us they’ve been blown away by our work and for them to feel part of our award winning team. When a client entrusts us with a project, putting their neck on the line, it’s our duty to show our gratitude by proving they made the right decision.

We don’t do mediocre, there’s no point. What we do is win recognition. Below are just a few accreditations from the last 12 months...

  • B2b

    Best tech and best websiteFinalist

  • Digital impact

    Best use of digital in mediaWinner

  • Wirehive

    Best use of techWinner

  • Bima

    B2b professional servicesWinner

  • The drum elite

    No. 1 in the UK for 26 - 50 staffWinner

  • Moma

    Best use of mobileFinalist

  • Webby

    Car sites and car cultureOfficial honoree

  • Lovie

    Entertainment categoryFinalist

  • Social buzz

    Best social campaignFinalist

  • Wirehive

    most respected digital agencyWinner

  • Dadi

    B2b sector website & web devFinalist

  • Rar

    Strategic thinkingFinalist

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But forget about us, let’s talk about...

Of course we’re allied with our clients, but our real passion is for the most important person in the universe; your end-user. After all, we’re all users here. We know the frustration of poorly performing digital and we’ve seen how quickly badly designed platforms can sink a business.

The stakes are high when you’ve got to get everything right. Make or break is at the mercy of the technical, the commercial, and the creative. Which is why we strive to be at the top of our game for all three.

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We’re interested in your plans, your business and the broader landscape in which you’re operating.

When you engage us to solve a business challenge or build customer loyalty, our first task is to listen. Your story is unique.

We build relationships

Collaborating with forward thinking organisations.

About heart

"The Rawnet team were such a pleasure to work with, from solution driven, creative thinking through to project management and communication. We enjoy a great partnership and are confident this will continue for many years to come."

Marie Chamillard

Chief Operating Officer

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