How I got into paid social marketing at Rawnet

Nadine joined Rawnet's strategy team back in May 2021 as a Paid Social Specialist.
She has worked with a diverse range of our clients including Hornby, Healios and Dignity, and has consistently delivered exceptional results across the board. Her key responsibilities include developing and executing Paid Social campaigns to drive engagement and support the overall marketing strategy.

A little bit of background around your career - any previous jobs? 

I started working as a Marketing Executive for a lead generation company straight out of uni. I then moved on to become a Digital Marketing Executive, where I was first introduced to Facebook advertising and learnt most of what I know today.

What made you want to go into Paid Social?

I did my degree in English Literature and have always loved writing and would say it's what I'm best at, so writing copy seemed like an obvious choice for me. I have also always really liked being creative and making designs on Photoshop and my first paid social role allowed me to do this and writing too and is what I do now at Rawnet!

What are your day-to-day tasks?

I always check all my advertising accounts first and make any optimisations (increase budget, reduce budget, turn off campaigns/ads, flag any account issues to the client). I am usually then making new ads to send for approval to the client or briefing new ideas for campaigns/ads.

Things you should know before thinking about a career in Paid Social? 

I think first and foremost it's about creativity and coming up with new ideas. The social sphere changes so often so it's important to keep up to date with things and never become complacent. It's always evolving and rarely stays the same so be prepared to always be learning new things (and platforms..)!

What are your favourite parts about working at Rawnet?

My team are fantastic and are what makes working here so great for me - we are all so similar and share so many of the same values. Everyone really is in it together and you never feel alone in anything! I love that I can bring new ideas to the table and they are always welcomed - I always have a voice here. I mostly love that its just a really non-judgemental and friendly environment!