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My work experience at Rawnet

Rawnet Academy
Work Experience
Rawnet Academy

Work Experience

During my time with Rawnet I've realised this is the sector I want to pursue.

Before starting I wasn't completely sure about what path I wanted to follow, but I soon realised that it is most definitely the best career route for me. I have only been at Rawnet for 5 days but in that time, I have been welcomed into my placement, being greeted kindly with advice, assistance and reassurance if needed. The team has ensured I’m offered lots of drinks which I’m more than grateful for!

The Environment

The work environment is very friendly, relaxed and sociable, with some top tunes being played throughout! The desks are accompanied by comfy and chilled sofas, with a pool table, PlayStation, and unique sketches on the walls. Each individual at Rawnet is friendly, with a good sense of humour and has put me at ease when I’m working alongside them and completing a task. The team are brilliant, I was able to rely on the guidance, experience and skills of others if needed.

The Rawnet Team

Heather McKenzie was my first port of call and was so helpful in setting up this placement, she has a cool surname too! I have learnt some key and valuable skills, such as using Slack, a key communication app for presenting ideas to your team or informing them about something. 

As well as learning Slack, Cat showed me the software Figma. With Cat’s helpful feedback and kind words, her job role is one that I aspire to pursue (Senior Creative Designer.) Figma is an app that I’d like to use and let out my creative side, and something I will most certainly use in the future. 

Something that I did not believe I would be fully interested in has surprisingly turned out to be a subject that I did not only find engaging but fun. Jess has taught me ways in which to code, with once again helpful feedback, responses and always being there to assist me if needed. Whilst also informing me how meetings would perhaps go or form in her role. 

Joe, who I was instantly encouraged by, has educated me with real-life examples of what you would need to provide a client with during a meeting and what way I would go about it. He provided me with advice and consideration and shows an interest in what I admire. Ella, who I worked with alongside Joe, has similarly given great advice and set me an enjoyable task that would be a real-life brief and informed me how I would approach particular projects and briefs. 

Ellie and Katie have been supportive throughout this process, teaching me new skills and a whole different sector which I have found interesting while making me feel part of the team during one of the workshops and letting me have my view on the discussion.

Rose has provided me with detailed and informative discussions and gone over topics thoroughly to ensure I have a strong understanding of what I need to know. 

Toby has given me guidance and motivation to pursue this work experience which I am more than grateful for. From my first meeting with him, he has been approachable and someone that I feel I can go to for advice. The whole Rawnet Team have been fantastic, I appreciate their time, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this experience in a sector that I’m passionate about.

My Experience

One thing I noticed during the 5 days was that all of the team members are dedicated towards their client or project, resilience to find an agreement and finish a task and how at the end of it all, you are able to see how everyone plays a part towards a finished high-quality website. I had such a thrilling time with Rawnet whilst progressing towards goals and learning new skills. What a great environment it is!

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