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My marketing internship at Rawnet

Rawnet Academy
Work Experience
Rawnet Academy

Work Experience

My internship boosted my confidence in digital marketing.

How long have you been at Rawnet?

I started my internship in November 2021. As a recent graduate, I didn't feel confident enough to start a big girl job so I opted to gain experience through an internship.

What attracted you to work at Rawnet?

While researching placement opportunities, an ESPA representative approached me and informed me about a great opportunity at Rawnet. After scrolling through Rawnet’s Instagram and Glassdoor profiles I could easily tell this was the place to be with what seemed like a culture of professionalism but also approachability, so it was an easy yes from me.

What was the interview process like?

I had a relaxed interview with Freddy D’uva, Marketing Lead and Sam Evans, Strategy Director who expressed their expectations of my role. I then had a conversation with one of Rawnet’s clients, Alice Peto, which whom I would be working closely; she explained to me what she wanted out of the opportunity, how the brand was established and her team's everyday activities; hearing how much passion had been put into her business made me so enthusiastic to make a difference.

What are some key projects you worked on?

Forming part of the Strategy Marketing team, I worked primarily on a small business selling Bone China Tableware, Alice Peto.

The most notable areas I worked on over the year have been:

  • PPC - Through the use of GoogleAds I was able to assess how mass audiences would react to the brand and how different mediums would perform. All in all PPC campaigns resulted in over 100,000 clicks to the website.
  • SEO - SEO is an area of marketing that has really piqued my interest since joining Rawnet as it really makes or breaks the performance of a website. To improve SEO the main areas that were changed were the addition of Meta descriptions and alt tags to product pages and website media, the fixing of broken links and addition of internal links and the enhancement of content.
  • Paid Social - My favourite part of my internship was playing around with different audiences and versions of Meta Ads and analysing their performance. When finding the right balance between budget and audiences the highest ROAS achieved was upward of 800%.
  • Social Media - As a person who grew up with social media influence I was very intrigued to learn more about this area as a form of marketing. Nadine Smith, Paid Social Specialist mentored me through this area and taught me the best practices. This is learning that has stuck with me and im excited to use it as i go forward in my career.
  • Email - Before joining the project, email was very underutilised. Although they had a Mailchimp account and sent out newsletters, these were very sporadic and made no effort to grow their mailing list or grow a relationship with the current audience. We turned this around by sending out regular newsletters every 2/3 weeks with updates on new products and promotions. We grew the subscriber count by 700 people since March.


An integral part of my internship has been the endless support and motivation from the entire marketing team who would always set their work aside to help and teach me how to do new things. The same goes for Freddy who would take hours out of his endless list of tasks in a day to painfully explain to me how to do things I couldn't understand.

What is the company culture like at Rawnet?

If you know anything about working at Rawnet it's that the company culture is unmatched and you'd be lucky to work in such a positive environment. 

When starting my internship I found myself quite overwhelmed and had a fair share of imposter syndrome telling me I was way out of my depths, especially around such intelligent and professional people, but, this quickly faded as I got to know everyone and realised they would happily go out of their way to help and share their knowledge.

Did you attend any work events?

In my year at Rawnet, I had the absolute pleasure of joining in on 2 company events and several smaller internal events. These were definitely one of the biggest highlights of the whole experience.

  • In June we held a company-wide picnic during Royal Ascot, this was my first opportunity to mingle with people throughout the company and as expected everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. I truly felt part of an amazing organisation.
  • The second major work event I attended was the Summer Social, this year we attended the King George Diamond Races at Ascot. With everyone dressed up, it truly felt like an incredible experience with immaculate vibes.
  • I also attend lots of smaller activities from office yoga to office quizzes (who knew snails had over 14,000 teeth!)
  • Another super initiative that Rawnet have are the bi-monthly lightning talks where individuals within the company educate the rest of the company on topics they’re passionate about. These have varied from casual topics like Combatting Imposter Syndrome to more tech-focused topics like ‘Speeding Up Tracking’. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, this has been an invaluable experience which I wouldn’t have traded for the world. Not only have I gathered digital marketing skills but I now know the ins and outs of agency life and the constant upkeep with activities and clients. One of the most valuable skills I learnt from this internship was how to communicate with a client and how to present information in a professional yet digestible manner when the client doesn’t have the most marketing understanding. 

I have wholeheartedly loved this placement and learnt more in a year than I ever could have imagined. A massive thank you goes every single person in the Marketing Team who taught me everything they knew no matter how annoying I was. 

Rawnet completely exceeded my expectations and I think anyone could easily settle in to such a cheery and welcoming place.  

TLDR: Rawnet is the best place to work and I highly recommend it.

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