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Castelnau Group acquires Rawnet to accelerate digital growth

Managing Director

Managing Director
Adam, the Managing Director of Rawnet, boasts a robust career entrenched in the digital realm. From the onset, he immersed himself in the digital business landscape, concurrently steering and founding three distinct internet startups in his early career, all of which evolved into multi-million-turnover triumphs, spanning both B2B and B2C spheres. More importantly however, this invaluable experience equips Adam with a profound understanding of strategic and commercial nuances, a potent asset he now channels into the projects spearheaded by Rawnet. His dynamic trajectory, punctuated by entrepreneurial successes, positions him as a visionary leader steering Rawnet towards innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Under Adam’s astute guidance, Rawnet continues to thrive as a trailblazing digital agency, poised to reshape the industry’s landscape.

Data-driven strategy is key to driving and building success.

Castelnau Group, a Phoenix Asset Management Partners Ltd group company, is a newly formed group with an investment strategy around digital growth. Phoenix Asset Management Partners Ltd (“Phoenix”) was formed in 1998 and has £1.2 billion assets under management. Phoenix believes that by embracing, understanding and fully utilising modern technology, their portfolio of investee companies can build bigger and competitively advantaged positions. Therefore, they seek out and invest in businesses with a long heritage in traditional industries, but still, have a sizeable transformative opportunity for technology and digital strategies.   

This is where Rawnet comes in as the long-term digital partner. Rawnet had worked previously on Phoenix’s portfolio, (for example, the new e-commerce platform for Hornby Hobbies,) and will continue to work on improving digital revenue. 

Every aspect of Rawnet’s services is fully utilised when they are engaged at the early stages of a strategic rethink. They can bring the full spectrum of digital transformation resources, from digital strategy, enterprise technical builds, through to reimagined e-commerce platforms and traffic generation via digital marketing. 

Rather than Rawnet becoming an internal agency, Castelnau is very keen to grow Rawnet’s abilities to reach more clients outside of the portfolio and continue to pursue determined brands who understand the value of digital. Castlenau will support Rawnet in increasing its resources to provide a better service to all clients, by investing in new technologies and people.   


For Rawnet, this is perhaps the perfect acquisition.


“For a company that’s always been so deeply rooted in the business realities of digital, always being 100% commercially focussed and one to always put ROI and a solid customer strategy before gimmicks, there is no better validation than having a transformative institution such as Castlenau see and recognise the value we bring to clients.”, said Adam Smith, Managing Director at Rawnet. 

“Today marks an exciting time for the future of Rawnet and our clients. For the internal portfolio of brands, all traditional client/agency inefficiencies have been completely removed, and we can work as one single team towards a single shared goal, and we already see the massive difference this approach makes to both the team on the project, as well as the desired results at the end. Likewise, for our existing clients, the support of Castelnau allows us to invest in new technologies and people, ensuring we can serve them even better and establish new ways to provide the very best possible strategies and thinking.” 

Gary Channon, Founder & CIO at Phoenix Asset Management Partners, added “We welcome Rawnet to the Phoenix group of companies. The work that Rawnet have done previously has offered a glimpse of the possibilities that an all-encompassing digital transformation can bring to our investee companies. Castelnau will provide the perfect platform for Rawnet to broaden its impact with those companies and to grow and expand its business with external clients.”

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