Implementing service design at the co-op digital

Nick Phipps
Nick Phipps Digital Strategist | Strategy Team

Customer experience is now a key differentiator, over and above price and product. Businesses who aren't designing their products and services from the customer's point of view are at risk. So, to stand out and create holistic customer experiences, forward-thinking businesses are adapting to enable service design and design thinking methodologies.

At our event in July our speakers shared how they are using service design to improve & innovate customer experiences to ultimately differentiate their brands. We also heard how they are adapting to and implementing changes from within to make service design possible.

About Jack

Jack Fletcher is a human centred designer who's worked in the Education, Media and Retail sectors, ranging from start-ups to large organisations.

Currently based in Manchester, he practices Interaction and Service Design at CoopDigital. Prior to that Jack was a User Experience Designer at Frog Education.

Implementing service design at Co-op Digital.

Jack gives an overview of the practical steps Co-op have taken to implement service design.

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A few key points... 

  • Jack gave an overview of the practical steps Co-op took to implement service design.
  • He shared examples oh how service design has directly impacted customers and employees.
  • He also looked at how to gain buy in from stakeholders across the cooperative.  

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