Define your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is a promise of the value your business delivers. It’s the core reason that any prospect would buy from you. It's more than a strapline, it is your reason for existing. If you don't know your 'why' then you need to find it.

Your value proposition should capture the attention of your ideal audience, and communicate exactly how your products or services can improve their lives. It should:

  • Create a strong point of difference between you and your competitors
  • Outline the reason your business exists 
  • Explain who you work with and why they should work with you

In order to design the perfect Value Proposition Rawnet have developed a workshop. The workshop is the perfect tool to help you fully understand your market,  develop a clear north star vision and set your business on the path to success. The workshop includes the following items that can be tailored to suit your needs: 

  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience research & definition 
  • Business design 
  • Revenue stream discovery 
  • Visual identity
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Value Proposition Workshop Case Study

Swyftee is an app that connects employers and employees who want access to short-term work, quickly. Rawnet has been working with the team at Swyftee to develop not only the technology, but the brand proposition, the business model and marketing campaigns for the app. 

We launched phase one of the app into London and we’re working on scoping out future developments.