Are you innovation ready?

This tool will help you to focus and improve your innovation efforts. After you answer 25 questions, we’ll calculate more than just an innovation score, you’ll also receive actionable advice for improvement.

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Insights & recommendations

Your innovation report includes an overall innovation score, a breakdown and advice for improvement to address 5 key areas across your organisation, each required for a successful innovation strategy.

  • Exceed your customers’ expectations
  • Help your products & services remain competitive
  • Make the most of your tech stack
  • Attract new customers
  • Build loyal brand advocates



Critique, evaluate & improve

We built this tool for two reasons. Firstly, to discover people who fit the way we like to work at Rawnet. Secondly, we want to help to people, like yourself, people that want to improve their organisation with constant critique, evaluation and improvement. We want to help you build a comprehensive roadmap for innovation and guide you on the investment necessary.

We will ask you for some contact details later on, but at no point is there any pressure to speak to us but if you do want any support in any way, we’re here to help.


Designed for you, supported by us

The strategic growth team at Rawnet have developed a 3 step process to help you drive strategic innovation within organisations.

Step one is this tool, step two is an interactive workshop to better understand your organisation and challenges. The final step is to work in partnership to develop a bespoke programme to help you push strategic innovation within your organisation.

sharps-logo.pngWe decided to partner with Rawnet due to the speed at which they were able to understand our business objectives. They are very thorough and they presented new ideas and strategies that we now employ. Jared Andrews, Digital Marketing Manager

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If you have any questions ask Nick, he’s here to help.