No single department

Many organisations know the importance and benefits of customer centricity.

Hardwired silo mentality is something businesses can struggle to get past. It’s ingrained in the culture.

However, none of the habits that truly make an organisation customer centric are possible across fragmented departments. The thing is, customers don’t care about silos or systems. They care about outcomes and feeling positive.

Customer centricity fails because it’s no single department’s responsibility.

The 6 stages of CX maturity

Once you've completed the questionnaire we'll identify where your organisation currently sits on this scale. Once you have your results we recommend you request a free workshop session with the Rawnet strategy team. During the workshop we'll help you identify opportunities and roadmap the steps you can take to create positive, customer centric experiences. 

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What next?

Once you've filled in the questionnaire you'll be emailed your result and recommended next actions. The questionnaire is designed to help us benchmark your CX maturity against the 6 stages above.

We use the information gathered to develop a free CX workshop, where we aim to educate you on the next steps to take and highlight any problems and opportunities in your current set up. 

Request a free CX maturity workshop

This free 2 hour workshop should include anyone who has a stake in customer experience. From designers to C-level, customer service reps to managers…