Why should you invest in customer experience?

No business can survive long without exceeding its customers' expectations and most understand that. Yet only a few organisations dedicate the same amount of time and effort to customer experience as they would to business processes such as the accounting process, marketing or legal policies.

Adapting to put the customer at the heart of the business requires a potentially enormous amount of change. Connecting traditionally siloed departments, systems and cultures to better serve customers is vital to the survival and value of a business.

According to Forrester you need to understand your organisation's CX maturity level before you can begin. To help get you started we developed this questionnaire to place you on The 6 Stages of CX Maturity Scale.

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Your results will include

Your position on the 6 stages of CX Maturity scale.  

An overview of what it means to be in that position on the scale. 

Recommendations on how to move up the scale.  

A workshop and report (if requested).

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The 6 Stages of CX Maturity

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Octopus Labs

"We took the questionnaire to understand where we sat on the scale. Rawnet's key findings were spot on in terms of issues as were their recommended approaches to addressing them. We went on to enjoy the optional workshop they offer to dig deeper into our CX maturity."

Veena Verdi,
Octopus Labs.