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Business Strategy

Information Systems and Business Strategy are now more closely related than ever. But a CTO isn’t always thinking along the same lines as a Chief Innovation Officer or digital strategist. All too often internal policies and disjointed objectives work against innovation. By allowing a third party to come in and speak empathetically to both CTOs, Customers, Sales, Marketing and Digital Departments, we can help organise teams to work together for the greater good of your business. Too many companies are moving way to slow and not innovating fast enough because of the readiness of the staff and potential conflict of interest.

We work closely with companies to help them work through these setbacks and start thinking and behaving like a customer first, digitally enabled organisation.

Operational Technology & Automation

Automation is a common word in headlines recently, but don’t worry, we’re not suggesting Robots start to make the tea, but we do know where humans are best placed and valued, and what operational tasks can be easily automated to free up resource for more valuable work. Without knowing what’s possible, organisations are wasting millions on mundane, yet essential tasks that can easily be automated. The first step is a discovery workshop to get a sense of the organisational processes, then suggest any projects that can prove its ROI against development costs for ongoing efficiencies.

API Development & Integration

Legacy systems, new technologies, bolt-ons, enhanced customer interfaces. APIs can enable rapid execution of new products and services while keeping IT costs and reinvestment in core frameworks to a minimum. A lot of companies now are using APIs to create new customer layers and services, while keeping the ‘black box’ running the business separated. This vastly reduces costs and opens massive opportunities without having to reinvent the wheel.

First News

First News is the nation’s leading newspaper for school children across the country with a readership of over 2 million 7-14 year olds every week, with over 20,000 schools having a subscription to it.

The First News vision is to provide opportunities to children to understand global issues and how current affairs shape the world around them. Weekly news content is delivered to children during school and also whilst they are at home via a combination of print, online and mobile application experiences.  

Work with Rawnet

At the heart of every project we undertake is the drive to push Commercial Advancement. We don’t do stand-alone campaigns. We don’t create short-lived or short-sighted strategies, we’re here to work with you on your organisation’s journey.

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Bespoke Business Apps

We do all the heavy lifting technical development in-house. Uniquely combined with our strategic…
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