Service Design Fringe Festival

Oct 18th - 20th 2018, The Foundry, London.

Rawnet were invited by Octopus Labs to present an interactive workshop on the main stage on Friday 19th.

Friday's presentations and workshops are focussed on business transformation and how Service Design can enable innovation. The aim of our workshop was to help service design, customer experience and innovation teams to break down departmental silos. 

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In the pack

The workshop pack includes the worksheets and the slides from our workshop, including some examples of how to use the worksheets. 

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Adapting to customer centricity by breaking down business silos

A large organisation will typically be made up of many departments; marketing, sales, customer service, operations etc. Each of these is involved and responsible for specific channels and (service) touchpoints. However, none of the habits that truly make an organisation customer centric are possible across fragmented departments working in silo. The thing is, customers don’t care about silos or systems. They care about outcomes and positive feelings.

Many organisations know the importance and benefits of customer centricity, but hardwired silo mentality is something large organisations struggle to get past. It’s ingrained into the culture. Customer centricity fails because it’s no single department’s responsibility.

In this masterclass we taught people how to break down silos and collaborate as a business while putting the customer at the centre of everything you do. We taught people how to benchmark the CX maturity of an organisation and understand the steps you can take to empower your organisation to design new and exciting services that are both positive and convenient for your customers.

Who was the workshop for? 

  • Experts involved in and responsible for customer experience innovation, including those who are practicing service design at a strategic level
  • Product and/or service owners
  • As well as anyone who is trying to apply service design methodologies within a corporate business context

What did people learn? 

  • Execute a CX maturity assessment
  • Understand customer context beyond the usual touchpoints
  • Influence and convince internal stakeholders of the value of customer centricity
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