From concept to reality

Swyftee came to Rawnet as a concept. In partnership with Swyftee, we transformed that concept to a commercially viable business. The thrill of seeing a project like this take shape creates a real buzz, with people across the entire business getting involved at all stages. This level of client and internal collaboration often leads to really great work.

The original concept for Swyftee came from Simon Davies who has an extensive background in the finance world; he recognised a gap in the market, identified certain pain points of employers and knew a solution like Swyftee could make a real impact.

All you need to know about the Swyftee app

All you need to know about the Swyftee app

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Key challenges


The main challenge for Swyftee was to translate the concept into a tangible business that utilised the most appropriate technology for their target audiences.

The other challenge was to identify the needs of the two distinct audiences, employers and employees.

Therefore knowing our two diverse audiences intimately became what we lived and breathed to ensure success.

The Solution

We started with a full scoping session for the brand and business. This included market and competitor research and in-depth technology discovery. The result was documentation detailing the landscape of the industry, user profiles of our audiences and a full technical scope of work for the application to be released in phases.

This research enabled us to design a strong brand proposition, visual identity and tone of voice through which to communicate to the target audience.

Phase 1 was to launch the MVP for the app and carry out pre-launch and launch marketing activity to raise awareness of the app in London and begin driving sign-ups.

This activity included a huge range of formats and channels from Facebook to guerrilla street activity, online advertising to PR and even communication through the London Chamber of Commerce.

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