Modernising the design visit

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We’ve long been saying that the RFP process kills innovation and ultimately there are better ways to choose an agency. Sharps knew that, and their process was a breath of fresh air.

By opening up the process beyond the constraints of an RFP but within the boundaries of business KPIs, you afford the agency the freedom to use its experience to find and highlight potential problems and begin thinking about solutions from the outset. This negates the need for the initial “discovery” phase that serves to simply get an agency up to speed. Sharps let the agencies they invited to pitch express their creativity and show their innovation experience.

Delivering value from day one

We were able to demonstrate that we fully understood Sharps' value proposition and objectives for the project within the first chemistry meeting.

Sharps had outlined their KPIs for the project. They wanted to improve their website in order to unify their brand presence across all channels, improve online conversion rates from users to prospects, increase the number and quality of design visit bookings and improve the quality of data capture, data management and customer insight to be able to deliver a personalised experience.

Prior to our initial chemistry meeting, we conducted our own research to better understand the motivation behind the KPIs. We worked hard to understand the challenges and frustrations Sharps' customers face when using their website. The resulting research was invaluable to the success of the final project outcomes.

From our research, we identified that potential customers were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice, there was also a lack of self-serve information about the process of buying a bespoke, fitted wardrobe. The call to actions were confusing, and the site relied on the customer taking the reins and qualifying themselves into the sales process with limited knowledge.

Throughout the site, the desired primary call to action was to book a design visit. So users would browse the site, not really understand what they were getting into or what solution was right for them. The only real way to find out was to invite a sales rep into their home. Requiring a big leap of faith, we identified that closing this gap was the key improving not only the number, but the quality of online conversions.

As well as speaking to customers, our research team put themselves in the shoes of a potential customer in order to fully experience using the site first hand. We discovered that there wasn’t enough guidance or social reinforcement to help persuade users to book a design visit.

Once we had established these problems we began to design some of the key user journeys to take with us to our first meeting. By presenting our findings, including some designs, we were able to demonstrate that we really understood Sharps and their customers. Sharps agreed with everything we suggested and the designs were barely touched during the process.

We pride ourselves on offering true value from meeting number one and not wasting time by asking our clients to explain things to us that we could find out on our own time.

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Key objectives

Improve conversion rate from users to prospects, increase number and quality of appointments - delivering a better ROI on marketing spend.

Improve the level of qualification for prospects and create a more personalised experience.

Improve data capture, management, customer insight and personalised marketing.

Improve the Sharps pre and post design visit experience.

Unify the Sharps brand experience across all customer-facing channels.

The end result

As an agency who strives to Humanise Digital Experience, we always consider the whole customer journey, beyond digital touchpoints. In reality, the website is only a small part of the customer experience. To fully understand the customer, we needed to consider discovery, product awareness, decision fatigue, sales pressure defence, and social reassurance.

The result is a new experience that brings Sharps’ online presence in line with their offline and above the line experience while being empathetic to a potential customer’s state of mind while browsing. The new site includes more self-serve education and in-depth information about the process, answering common questions to help close the gap to conversion.

In order to reduce any anxiety before conversion, we helped to articulate the sales, design and installation process so the customer would know exactly what to expect at each stage.

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