Shaping the brief

Newtrade released a brief to bring their publications online. Being Rawnet, we questioned that brief and instead of pulling together a presentation that essentially made a clickable online PDF version of their magazines, we decided it was time Newtrade improved their online proposition for their readers.

In order to achieve this we suggested that they move their business online (not solely at first due to their audience wants and needs), but gradually by giving the audience the options many of them were keen to explore.

Newtrade is the umbrella company for a few brands; Better Retailing,  RN, Retail Express, the IAA and LSS. None of these brands were performing to the best of their ability commercially and we needed to come up with a new way of pushing everything that they stand for out to the already engaged audience and expand on this.

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Key challenges

The challenge was to grow their online proposition and functionality in partnership with the growth and saleability of their products; enabling them to bring down overheads and grow revenue.

We needed to not only ensure that their content was made the most of and their audience kept at the forefront of our planning, but also that we provided Newtrade with the tools needed to market their content and brands within the site, as well as leaving availability to sell advertising space to brands.

The Solution 

The solution began with our Strategy team, who were tasked with carrying out an analysis of the completed market research, expanding on it with competitor and industry reviews. They ensured a full investigation of the best route to product definition had been completed, resulting in subscription models with added value at different levels - all of which appealed to the target audience.

Next we had to build a platform that was fully accessible, stable and secure with enough functionality to allow the Newtrade teams to run added value marketing within the site, build their own pages and for the journalists to work through their current process workflows for editing and publishing.

Following that, we integrated said platform with social API feeds so that we can make the most of their journalists’ online voices.

Finally integrations with CRMs were completed to enable the marketing team to have full insight into the status of users as well as visibility via Analytics of what is and isn’t working across the site and their other channels.

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