Improving the exhibition experience with technology

iGuzzini  is the Italian leader in technical and architectural lighting. iGuzzini frequently exhibit at international trade shows and have developed a reputation for building impressive and grandiose stands that are truly artistic.

iGuzzini approached Rawnet to see where they could leverage digital in their exhibition space in order to create a better experience for, and better understand, those that visit.

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The Challenge

With design at the centre of everything iGuzzini represent, they set us the challenge of capturing data around those visiting their ‘Lighting Experience’ concept using a non-intrusive solution.

Google Analytics for humans...

We developed a high-tech streamlined system, completely out of sight, that would track and record the movement of visitors around their stand in order to approach them after the exhibition with a highly targeted sales pitch (based on the products which they appeared to be most interested in).

Rawnet issued all visitors with a card containing an embedded RFID chip (Radio-frequency identification) linked to their Lighting Experience registration details. We further supported this by creating an entire booking and management system for the event.

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The power of data

The output of all of the obtained information now allows clear segmentation of individual behavioural traits from the show. Did they attend the show? What product did they spend the most time looking at? Which area of the stand did they frequent back to the most? This is all paired up to a unique user profile that will allow targeted marketing communications to be sent to them in the future. This is a project that outlines exactly how smart data can have a real impact towards future marketing and business decisions.The data collected over the course of the event meant iGuzzini have access to real customer behavioural traits, which has enabled smarter planning and execution of their marketing and business decisions.