Optimising the customer experience with Feefo

Working closely with the team at Feefo, we transformed the way they sell to their customers by optimising user journeys throughout the site, redefining the product offering and providing an up to date and engaging platform to raise awareness about the Feefo brand and ultimately improve on-site conversions.

At Rawnet the first step in any design and build project is to review the current platform and product offerings in a workshop session. During this session, we learnt about the pain points Feefo were experiencing and as a result gathered a list of challenges, pains and objectives that would later define the scope.

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Feefo are unique in the review marketplace. Unlike similar providers, Feefo's users will only be prompted to submit a review once they’ve completed a purchase journey.


For businesses, Feefo offers various subscriptions models, from internal reviews, which are not made public but used to improve or enhance a product or service, to public reviews, that can be shared to build trust amongst a brand’s audience.

The Feefo brand had seriously expanded since their previous website was launched. It was clear that the brand had matured, the company grown and their products matured, but none of this was reflected online. Feefo recognised this and reached out to agencies for help.

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Commercial Advancement at the Heart

As our logo suggests, at the heart of every project we undertake is the drive to push Commercial Advancement. We don’t do stand-alone campaigns. We don’t create short-lived or short-sighted strategies, we’re here to work with you on your organisation’s journey.

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It was apparent to us that Feefo were facing several challenges across all levels.

Feefo admins were limited in what they could do on the site, content was difficult to manage and update. Their customers were being held back by a lack of clear communication about the products and services they offered.

Key challenges

The key challenges we identified in the initial workshop session were:

  • Communication of the brand and services weren't clear
  • Lack of personalised content based on customer and industry data
  • Little onsite SEO optimisation
  • Low conversion rates


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The Solution 

We explored various approaches when it came to pushing the brand forward. The end result was an engaging and vibrant Ul that supported the content rather than overwhelming it. In tandem, we reviewed the overall experience for each of the various user journeys across the site. UX design was treated as a priority to ensure we could guide customers effectively and provide them with the information required to make a decision.

We designed a user interface to instil trust and an intuitive user experience to drive results.

The focus of the site is to engage prospects, generate leads and encourage return visits. By working with Feefo on their product and service offering we were able to truly understand them and build the site in such a way to provide clear communication of their products and services. We built a calculator and clear, strong calls to action to help improve conversion rates.

To alleviate the pain of updating the website we built the site using a Concrete5 CMS which allows the Feefo admin team to update the site with professional content, securely and efficiently.

Take a look at the site.

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The results so far

Average time on site is up 103% since launch
Bounce rate is down 23%
1,000 onsite conversions, on average, per month since launch

Client Love

The look and feel is great, the site is generating leads and the technical deployment went really smoothly, it was seamless in fact.