Revitilising Benugo's online presence

We helped Benugo to create a website that better reflected their vibrant brand and core offering. The new site enables customers to quickly and easily find a Benugo within their area. Onsite SEO optimisation means they are able to drive potential customers searching for a ‘cafe’ or ‘restaurant’ to a local Benugo store.

The new site has improved conversions and increased partnership opportunities, a new revenue stream developed alongside Rawnet. By providing potential partners with the information necessary and the facility to quickly reach the right team at Benugo, this area of the business is growing. 

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Benugo offer great, simple food with friendly, efficient service. 

When Benugo was founded in 1998 we had a vision of not just creating superb, natural food, but of giving London something that was a real experience. This vision is still true today. The Benugo brand now stretches from our own award-winning high street stores to concessions within some of the world's largest and most respected corporate organisations and public spaces.

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Commercial Advancement at the Heart

As our logo suggests, at the heart of every project we undertake is the drive to push Commercial Advancement. We don’t do stand-alone campaigns. We don’t create short-lived or short-sighted strategies, we’re here to work with you on your organisation’s journey.

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Repositioning the Benugo brand.

Working closely with the Benugo marketing team it became clear early on that this wasn't just a website redesign, what was really needed was to reposition the Benugo brand.

The Benugo brand spans from their award-winning high street stores to concessions within some of the world's largest and most respected corporate organisations and public spaces, such as the British Museum. Benugo's digital presence had to reflect their range of services and support the new revenue streams from partenrships.

Key challenges

The key challenges facing the Benugo team before the project:

  • A lack of general brand awareness & unclear communication of services 
  • No real understanding of their audience & their drivers
  • Low conversion for bookings, enquiries for public space and work spaces
  • An inefficient process for updating the site
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The Solution 

The IA structure covers multiple user journeys whilst reducing the need for excessive top level pages- it also helps position the 5 areas of the business (cafes, restaurants, parks, museums and partnerships). We created personas for the different audience groups and used these to test different user journeys on the site to ensure the site would be engaging and result in users finding a benugo, make a booking or enquire about a public or work space.

The old Benugo site was very time consuming and difficult for Benugo to update. The marketing team at Benugo is small so they need to be able to work efficiently which is why we built the site using concrete5 cms that allows Benugo to quickly and easily update the site. Benugo cafes and restaurants change their menus seasonally so they needed to be easily and regularly update them.

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The results so far

Admin tasks on the previous website took up around 40% of the marketing teams' time. Inflexible templates and lack of control meant updating the site as time consuming. The new site means the team can update content, add new menus and create new locations quickly and efficiently so they can focus on further developing the Benugo brand. 

Client Love

The look and feel is great, the site is generating leads and the technical deployment went really smoothly, it was seamless in fact.

Fiona Byrne
Head of Branding & Development