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Designed for you, supported by us

Marketing has never been so diverse – or challenging. With multiple channels requiring wider expertise, and difficult economic climates affecting the purse strings, marketers have a tough job to create effective marketing plans.

This was the motivation behind creating the MPI – an interactive platform designed to identify the areas of your marketing activity that could do with a little more attention.

Created collaboratively by Rawnet, a strategic digital agency, and SomethingBig, a creative communications agency, the Marketing Performance Indicator will put your Marketing efforts back on track.


Why have we teamed up? 

Something Big is a creative communications agency with a difference. They believe business problems can be solved by better communications that are creatively delivered to make audiences take action.

Rawnet is a strategic digital agency for determined brands. Their investigative process alongside our creativity and technical experience make them a valuable partner, not a digital supplier. They instigate long term positive change that makes thier clients look great.

We believe in collaboration, we can't all be experts in everything, so we have joined forces with SomethingBig to develop a tool that covers all aspects of the marketing stack. From user and customer experience to brand design and acquisition. Nick Phipps, Digital Strategist

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