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The role of a marketer is growing and changing all the time.

This free tool is designed to help determined marketers focus on the most important areas of their organisation in order to create and action an effective marketing strategy.

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Your free and personalised marketing report from the experienced strategy team at Rawnet and marketing communications team at Something Big, includes a breakdown of where you are now and actionable advice for improvement across 5 key areas, each required for a successful marketing strategy.


Critique, evaluate & improve

We built this tool because we want to help to determined brands and the people who work for them to improve their organisation with constant critique, evaluation and improvement. We will ask you for some contact details later on, but at no point is there any pressure to speak to us but if you do want any support in any way, we’re here to help.


through collaboration

Something Big is a creative communications agency with a difference. They believe business problems can be solved by better communications that are creatively delivered to make audiences take action. 

Rawnet is a strategic digital agency for determined brands. Every project they undertake is designed to create long term positive impact. 

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“We believe in collaboration, we can't all be experts in everything, so we have joined forces with Something Big to develop a tool that covers all aspects of marketing. From user and customer experience to brand design and acquisition.”

Nick Phipps, Digital Strategist
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If you want to know more about this tool, contact Nick today.