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2020 and 2021 have been years of upheaval, but they’ve also been instrumental in revolutionising the world of digital & marketing as we know it, learn more about what we think it going to impact the industry next year...

The Digital Trends of the Future

At Rawnet, we are always looking out for the trends of the future. Throughout this trend report, we offer an overview of what the world of business has been facing while considering what it will look like in the future. It gives insight into what’s been trending and what we have to look forward to in the coming months and years. With so much volatility in recent years, businesses have faced an almost overwhelming amalgamated mix of challenges. They have had to rely on the growth of digital and marketing to succeed, but what will be next.

On the one hand, digital marketing is inevitably changing the world of business. 89% of marketers say their “top priority” is analysing and measuring marketing impact. As the effects of marketing continue to prove themselves, companies are refocusing their efforts to embrace digital landscapes underutilised until now. Digital has been ingrained into the world over the last decade, but new and more advanced digital tools, strategies, and developments appear each year. With almost half (45%) of 120 Chief Marketing Officers surveyed by Deloitte mentioning digital transformation as one of their leading priorities for the next 12 months, this shows the need to be ahead of the curve. What will these new trends mean for the year ahead, and how will digital play an incremental role?  

Looking at the past few years, this report covers the following topics of the future and how they need to be implemented to see digital success:

  • Marketing Has a Seat in the Boardroom 
  • Digital Transformation Will Boost Inbound Marketing Use 
  • Corporate Social & Digital Responsibility...
  • Short-Form Video Content 
  • Digital Media Spending Increases 
  • Increasing Your Business Efficiency Through Automation 
  • Chatbots in Customer Experience 
  • Personalisation in Products and Marketing 
  • Data is Power
  • Balancing Humanity and Automation