Hard facts from Forrester

  • Customers are willing to pay 4.5 time more for an excellent customer experience versus a poor customer experience.
  • The operating margin for companies with engaged employees is 4.1 times larger than the margin for companies with non-engaged employees.
  • CX innovators lead CX laggards in growth by 5.1 times
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Octopus Labs

"We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Rawnet's key findings were spot on in terms of issues as were their recommended approaches to addressing them."

Veena Verdi,
Octopus Labs.

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Hardwired silo mentality is something businesses can struggle to get past. It’s ingrained in the culture.

To truly make an organisation customer centric, fragmented departments have to collaborate. Customers don’t care about your silos or systems. They care about positive outcomes. Start your jouney to better CX here.