Get to know your visitors

As marketers, our understanding of a customer is usually an ideal view pushed by the business — an aspirational view that everyone believes.

But do you actually know your customers? In our experience, this is a question marketing teams in the leisure industry struggle to answer. We have identified a number of common reasons as to why: 

  • Group bookings 
  • 3rd party ticketing systems
  • Offline sales 
  • Fragmented technology
  • Disparate teams
  • Broken user journeys

We have worked on a number of projects designed to help gather useful data and insights from our clients' customer base. These projects range from websites, to native apps through to customer journey optimisation and analysis of existing data.

These projects meant that their marketing teams could build data-driven strategies that act in unison with their customer's desires, driving their businesses forward. 

No matter the end result, we always begin with the same discovery workshop.

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Begin with a discovery workshop from Rawnet

Take advantage of our no-obligation workshop to kickstart your journey towards actionable intelligence. During the workshop, we'll cover the following areas:

Assess your current state

Discover where your customer data is coming from and whether you could be analysing what you have more effectively.

Identify the opportunities

Identify the gaps in your technology and customer journey, then explore how to ensure you're getting the most out of digital platforms.

Define your focus

Align all stakeholders towards the same goal and identify what the perfect customer experience looks like, once you are aligned we can begin planning how to get there.

Plan next actions

Turn insight into action and set next steps towards becoming a stronger, data-driven organisation that has the customers' needs at heart.


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Valuable experiences created

Liberty Science Center

"The new website is completely mobile friendly which has many direct benefits. We're selling more tickets because our users are using mobile more and our site is ranking better and includes stronger organic search capabilities based on the ever-changing Google algorithm. Online ticket sales have grown from 2% to 12% of overall ticket purchases."

"One of the best agencies I've ever worked with, truly exceptional."

Paul Marsh
VP of Marketing & Communications

Ascot Racecourse 

"The Ascot app represents the first step in providing a digital solution to help our guests, whether they are regular racegoers or first-time visitors, to conveniently access timely information to shape their raceday and enhance their raceday experience at Ascot."

Juliet Slot 
Commercial Director

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Creating the ultimate raceday experience

A mobile app moulded around current CMS, CRM and database. Native IOS and Android apps seamlessly integrated with existing hospitality, content and booking APIs.

Though designed with the customer in mind, the solution also allowed efficiencies to be gained for internal operations and catering teams...

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About Rawnet 

We're a team of commercially focused strategists, designers and developers who leverage technology and user-focused design to drive businesses forward.

At the heart of every client partnership is our ambition to push Commercial Advancement. We don’t do stand-alone campaigns. We don’t create short-lived or short-sighted strategies, we’re here to work with our clients to help them achieve success.

Whether taking an Idea to Project Launch, or creating Industry Leaders from established businesses, our goal is to create long-term strategic action.

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