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Senior Project Manager


Rawnet is a multi-award winning full service agency developing incredible products and services that redevelop markets and redefine industries. Our purposeful disruption reshapes businesses, making them more commercially successful and future proofing them for years to come. Our tight knit team are some of the best developers in the industry, developing cutting edge, experimental technology solutions in our bright and spacious office in Ascot High Street.


As a Senior Project Manager, you are required to manage a variety of digital projects from conception stage right through to completion, following and championing the project processes to deliver projects on time and within budget ensuring client satisfaction.

The Rawnet approach is all about dedication to using the latest tools, techniques and best practices to produce appropriate custom solutions to solve the exciting problems our clients come to us with. The team participates in regular reviews to ensure everything delivered by the studio is the best quality, and with vast experience on offer, skill progression is like lightning. If you’re looking to work in a buzzing, successful environment, amongst peers with huge experience and a real passion for digital, this could be the opportunity for you.


  • Weekly upkeep of revenue figures for each of your projects, including tracking hours spent, budget measurement and forecasting
  • Responsible for plotting and scheduling new and existing projects with clear milestone markers
  • Work closely with the Head of Operations to report weekly on leadership team figures, and project tracker metrics
  • Understand client objectives and project goals and articulate them clearly in detail
  • Develop and manage project plans working with the project team to execute
  • Host internal kick-off meetings, daily project stand ups and project sprint reviews
  • Manage resource assignments for projects, proactively identify resource challenges and provide a solution
  • Monitor project risks and scope to identify solutions/actions in advance of issues (including RAID and RAG analysis)
  • Manage client expectations, act on client feedback and ensure delivery
  • Identify needs that clients may not recognise and ensure delivery and development approach are linked to short and long term objectives
  • Communicate and document project status to clients, team and management on a regular basis, resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Deliver work on time and to budget
  • Work with the Account Management team to identify opportunities and demonstrate additional value of our service
  • Partner with project team members to present work to clients as well as confidently presenting alone
  • Confidently run client meetings
  • Lead on all testing from IAT, UAT and Client Feedback to Go Live
  • Facilitate end of project discussions on lessons learned and knowledge gained, identify changes that need to be made, document and share
  • Liaise with and manage external resource and third parties
  • Maintain strong client relationships with a positive attitude
  • Carry out project admin accurately in a timely and organised manner
  • Manage multiple projects and retainers; where project budgets can be between £70k - £350k (approx)
  • Implement Crisis Management plans for new projects
  • Work closely with the Head of Operations to create a smooth transition between project close and retainer start
  • Deal with feedback/conflicts from the project team



Driven- You will be highly organised, self driven, proactive thinker with a passion for digital and ability to adapt.

Experimental- You will have the ability to solve complex problems in imaginative and creative ways.

In it together- You will be aligned to the company’s goals and objectives and be eager to learn from the experience on offer as well as being confident to propose change. You will show the initiative to get things done and being a team player you will endeavour to help others succeed.

Knowledgeable- You will have a passion and knowledge of new and emerging trends in the Digital space so you have a wealth of knowledge to help your clients. You will have an eye for detail and have the ability to take a holistic view of situations. A good ability to absorb information and translate that into an overall solution is essential.

Advisory- A consultative approach will be required to successfully prepare a solution that meets both the brief and fits within budget.

Managing up- You will let your peers know how you are progressing, if there are any issues during work and ask for reviews where you feel it is necessary.

Taking care- quality assuring your own work for the best and most relevant solutions.


REQUIRED SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: 5+ years agency experience; various Project Management methodologies including Waterfall and Agile; responsive design, web and mobile applications, content management systems and third party integrations; experience working with bespoke software solutions; effective negotiation and conflict management skills.



This is the part of the page where we talk about pool tables, Playstations and free food. We should show photos of awkward beer swigging and cake sales, along with a bunch of other perks and gimmicks that are usually just props for a lack of real culture.

So while we have all that (we’re still an agency after all!), nobody works here because of superficial benefits. Yes we have working from home, flexible hours, amazing staff parties and training budgets, but again, that’s not why people love being a part of Rawnet.

The 4.9 score on Glassdoor helps.

But if we were to really think about it, ask around the studio, then it’s mainly down to being part of what we believe is the best digital team in the UK. Learning every day and playing a part in the continuous strive for personal and client success. No deadwood, no bumblers, no arrogant freelancers who don’t care; just a solid bunch of passionate and positive people looking to make a difference. We all push each other to hold ourselves to a higher standard - and the rate of improvement among all levels is staggering. We all learn to think more strategically, more critically, more commercially. We all get involved.

Everyone is in full control of their own success, and there’s no better training ground to be the best possible version of yourself than within a team who all think and want the same.

Attitude above aptitude

But we’re not for everyone. You’ve got to be a self starter, have a positive mindset, have resilience, put the team before yourself and leave politics at the door.

We never panic hire. It doesn’t matter about talent if you don’t get on with the team and don’t love what you do.

So if you’re looking for a genuine change, not afraid to get stuck in and make some great friends, then go for it, we’d love to hear from you.