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Ruby On Rails ONE Product Developer

The Product

ONE is a TV Screening System used by most of the UK’s TV Distribution Companies. It’s used by buyers to audition prime time TV content and nearly 70% of UK TV is first seen through the ONE system.  More details can be seen at one.rawnet.com 

It’s a little over 2 years old, but due to its success, we’re looking to expand the team and bring development skills in-house to continue with the roadmap.

The Architecture 

The ONE system is a multi-instance application consisting of a Rails API and a de-coupled React front-end. The latest software and methodologies have been used where appropriate including Rails 5 and JSON API, with background job processing handled by Sidekiq and Redis. The team takes a test driven approach to development as needed, which integrates with our continuous integration process using Travis CI. The system infrastructure is entirely managed by Terraform and Ansible, and hosted in AWS.


Collaborating closely with the CTO on ONE, the ONE Product Managers and the Director of the ONE system.  

The Role

As a Ruby on Rails Developer, you are required to use a good level of insight and knowledge to develop and test well structured and maintainable code to deliver all ONE product builds on time and on budget to an agreed specification. Ideally you have experience working on the front-end of applications as well as the back-end, allowing you to work with the UI team where appropriate. Any Ops experience is also desirable, as our infrastructure is almost entirely managed in code. There is plenty of opportunity to develop your skills in this area if desired.

Working closely with the ONE Product Owner, you will also help execute the work required to further develop the core product in the short and long-term. The Product Owner will help direct the work to be undertaken in line with the roadmap architected for the Product.

Rawnet is extremely well suited to remote working, so there is no requirement to be in the office every day. We have regular stand-ups that are often run remotely, and use all the normal tools such as Slack and Trello. Some people prefer to be in the office, others prefer to work from home. We like to be flexible.

This role is a very exciting opportunity for an ambitious developer with an entrepreneurial flare to develop their skills to grow into a Senior Development role and play a unique part in helping to create success around a market leading product.


Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

  • You will be expected to build well tested, well structured and maintainable code across all ONE Project builds to ensure smooth delivery.
  • You will display an appreciation and understanding for development best practices and share these with the team whilst maintaining a good awareness of developments in the industry, assessing all technical solutions, assisting others and sharing knowledge.
  • You will be able to explain the reasoning behind your thinking and absorb and respond to feedback constructively.
  • You will be seen as someone who can provide sound technical solutions and act as an approachable developer to help answer any questions or help fix bugs.
  • You will be able to translate your understanding of technical requirements, issues and queries to Project Managers and other employees. You will feedback to the Project Manager during development.
  • You will understand restrictions with budgets and offer alternative solutions or compromises to help meet the deliverables set out where necessary.
  • You will assist the ONE Project team to help offer solutions of commercial benefit during the scoping phase. You may be required to estimate/quote on specific tasks, providing timescales and offering insight into alternative methods where appropriate.
  • You will have the patience and understanding to take the time to explain a process, methodology or restriction to the wider team.
  • You will take an active interest in the Broadcast Industry to help further understand the market itself and the core product’s competition to help deliver value to the team from a technical standpoint.
  • You will be a team player, not only loyal to their own team but across the whole company. You will be able to understand and relate to issues from all sides of the business where necessary.
  • You will be eager to keep up to date with the latest developments in the ever changing discipline and the ability to research and recommend appropriate technical recommendations.


Person Specification

Driven - You will be highly organised, self driven, proactive thinker with a passion for digital and ability to adapt.

Experimental - You will have the ability to solve complex problems in imaginative and creative ways.

In it together - You will be aligned to the company’s goals and objectives and be eager to learn from the experience on offer as well as being confident to propose change. You will show the initiative to get things done and being a team player you will endeavour to help others succeed.

Knowledgeable - You will have a passion and knowledge of new and emerging trends in the Digital space so you have a wealth of knowledge to help your clients. You will have an eye for detail and have the ability to take a holistic view of situations. A good ability to absorb information and translate that into an overall solution is essential.

Advisory - A consultative approach will be required to successfully prepare a solution that meets both the brief and fits within budget.

Managing up - You will let your peers know how you are progressing, if there are any issues during work and ask for reviews where you feel it is necessary.

Taking care - Quality assuring your own work for the best and most relevant solutions.


Key Skills & Experience

  • 3+ years experience
  • Commercial experience of seeing a project through its lifecycle from sale and scoping to delivery and handover
  • Commercial experience of Rails 5.x
  • Experience of testing and debugging code within the source code, browser and on the server
  • Experience of Git and collaborating using the GitHub flow
  • Experience of integrating front end frameworks into a Rails application
  • Experience in Javascript, in particular the React framework, would be a huge positive
  • Experience of server management, deployment and automation tools such as Ansible and Terraform
  • Comfortable working with Sublime Text, TextMate, vi and/or other development software


Life at Rawnet

This is the part of the page where we talk about pool tables, Playstations and free food. We should show photos of awkward beer swigging and cake sales, along with a bunch of other perks and gimmicks that are usually just props for a lack of real culture.

So while we have all that (we’re still an agency after all!), nobody works here because of superficial benefits. Yes we have working from home, flexible hours, amazing staff parties and training budgets, but again, that’s not why people love being a part of Rawnet.

The 4.9 score on Glassdoor helps.

But if we were to really think about it, ask around the studio, then it’s mainly down to being part of what we believe is the best digital team in the UK. Learning every day and playing a part in the continuous strive for personal and client success. No deadwood, no bumblers, no arrogant freelancers who don’t give a shit; just a solid bunch of passionate and positive people looking to make a difference. We all push each other to hold ourselves to a higher standard - and the rate of improvement among all levels is staggering. We all learn to think more strategically, more critically, more commercially. We all get involved.

Everyone is in full control of their own success, and there’s no better training ground to be the best possible version of yourself than within a team who all think and want the same.

Attitude above aptitude

But we’re not for everyone. You’ve got to be a self starter, have a positive mindset, have resilience, put the team before yourself and leave politics at the door.

We never panic hire. It’s better to have a hole than an arsehole, it doesn’t matter about talent if you don’t get on with the team and don’t love what you do.

So if you’re looking for a genuine change, not afraid to get stuck in and make some great friends, then go for it, we’d love to hear from you.