Short Project Overview

Keep it brief! This is a short intro to your project, covering what you want and what problem it’s intended to solve. Focus more on the problem than the solution.

It means the service providers you reach out to have the opportunity to present solutions you may not have thought of yet!

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Targets & Goals

This is the juicy part. Go into detail about what your end goal is, what you plan to accomplish and what outcomes will mean this project has been a success. If possible, include quantitative metrics such as increased leads, time saved internally etc

Don’t be shy about highlighting what benefits this brings to the business. The more transparent you can be, the more of a partnership can be created.

i.e. booking a meeting, completing an online transaction, submitting a resume.

For best results, ensure you raise questions that don’t have a single right answer.

Ensure you cover : Operational environment, overriding objectives, major concerns, vision and desired future state.

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Dependables & Features

Pop in anything important here, but bear in mind that the more specific you get, the more you narrow down the solution the agency can present back.

Try to keep it as open as possible!

Add any specific CMS or programming language(s)

i.e. accessibility for blind or partially sighted people

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