Leveraging real photography to sell an amazing exerience

Great photography creates the emotion required to make a decision. This is why we created a system that allows for the simple management of emotive marketing material that can be used by website visitors and sales teams alike with their bespoke iPad sales tool kits.

Giving sales teams, teachers and students easy access to a wealth of locations and activities, makes buying an Outlook Experience expedition a more informed decision. Coupled with a fully integrated CRM strategy, managing and improving the sales process has never been easier.

Mountain top

Setting off in the right direction

No two projects are the same, and for Outlook Expeditions it was important we spent time learning the industry, the business and the current ways in which expeditions are sold. This then allows us to reflect and think about how a new digital system can be maximised to deliver true bottomline value.

Scalable solution

No more spreadsheets or unnecessary human involvement. A system that can scale with the ambitious business.

Measurable results

Tracking webleads through to sale and scrutinising every conversion point, we can finetune the team to deliver results.

Fit for purpose

Tailor made for the industry with minimum disruption to proven business processes.

Outlook ui

Creating a super-clean & Clear UI

With all due respect, sales teams are notoriously adverse to learning new tools. To elicit buy-in, we needed to offer something of real value to them that aids their selling process without introducing additional IT admin.

Thousands of schools, hundreds of destinations

With a growing number of destinations and activities, the system needed to be flexible enough to cater for both bespoke and off the shelf packages.


Offline access for a robust system

With schools across the UK not always within a 3G connection, the iPad Sales Toolkit automatically synchronises all marketing content so that the salesman is never without the entire catalogue at their fingertips. When offline, they can even collate a trip and store it until there's a connection so that the system can automatically generate a bespoke PDF brochure and quote.

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Automated Quote Generator

The biggest bottleneck and cost of sale was due to the longwinded quote preparation. With literally millions of possible trips and combinations, the PDF brochure had to be hand created by a sales person. Using a flexible template system, this is now all achieved within a few clicks.

Choose your options

During the meeting, the salesman works with the teacher to define the ultimate trip. Instantly accessing all video and images the teacher can easily plan their trip with Outlook Expeditions

Bespoke PDF is created

All the information is then pulled together along with any other additional material into a tailored PDF brochure. This either happens immediately or when the sales person is back online.

Personalised Quote is sent

Within a few clicks, the teacher receives a professionally created PDF covering exactly what they wanted - as well as the cost which has been automatically worked out from the pricing database.

The Results

Reflecting on the project, Rawnet’s MD, Adam Smith, observes: "We’re all about using digital to make our clients’ businesses more successful, and Outlook was undoubtedly one of our most engaging projects to date. In conjunction with our CRM partners, Workbooks, we had to really get under the skin of the client’s operations to create a whole suite of IT and digital solutions that would have demonstrable impact on their bottom line from day one. Good IT shouldn't be noticeable – that was our mantra throughout the project – but the business transformation that this infrastructure will enable should see the company through rapid growth over the coming years."

Matt agrees, "Thanks to Rawnet, we now have a goal-driven website, iPad sales toolkit and a very sophisticated, powerful CRM integration, all of which equips us to communicate effectively with customers every step of the way. The advanced CRM not only helps us track leads but also keeps tabs on all business activity and parent interactions. The net result is substantial improvement in our internal efficiency and information accuracy, while outwardly we’re able to offer a seamless and compelling user experience that illustrates the value of our offering."

What would Matt recommend to businesses about to embark on a similar journey? "Rawnet’s vision is to create solutions that drive business growth, not just interfaces that look pretty. Their dedicated Project Manager captured a detailed functional specification, and kept us in the picture at all times so we could maintain focus on what needed to happen at our end. As with all IT projects, this one threw up some technical and process challenges, but Rawnet's team resolved them all with considerable agility. Their reputation is bound up in every project they undertake, and they will always stretch themselves to achieve your ambitions, no matter what.

With ongoing support and enhancements provided through an SLA, we're assured of their continued involvement in and commitment to our success. Fundamentally, what Rawnet has delivered is an industry-leading solution that will leave our competitors trailing in our wake."


Increase in Page Views


Increase in Unique Sessions


Decrease in Bounce Rate

The Final Designs

The complete suite covering the marketing website, parents portal and salesman’s toolkit can be seen below. Working hand in hand with Outlook Expedition’s branding agency, we were able to ensure their brand remained consistent across all channels.

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