A new mobile optimised website for ITV Studios

The new site had to be nothing less than transformational. An experience where customers and prospects could find, browse, and audition ITV programme content with ease, whenever and wherever they wanted. A site that learns what individual buyers are interested in.

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The Challenge

The existing technology was highly dysfunctional and ineffective, and didn't allow ITV to provide their clients with an enjoyable online experience that they would want to come back to. As a result they were losing traffic on the site, interest in their programmes and ultimately sales and revenue in the long term. Our challenge was to fix that.

Single Database

Everything needed to be under one single database, making it easy to manage for ITV Studios.

Increased Conversions

The website couldn't just be beautiful - it needed to get prospects to register.

Dedicated Mobile Site

More and more people are browsing website content on their phones. It would be website suicide to not cater for these users.


The Solution

A clever combination of a single database, iPad sales tool kits and a bespoke local video server, enabled us to answer the brief perfectly, and save ITV hundreds of hours in programme maintenance. ITV Studios can now exhibit all of their content, offline, capturing prospect details and integrating this back into their main online marketing website.

We knew we could do more than to offer just a technical solution. As conversion experts, we also gave ITV Studios’ prospects the best possible experience when interacting with their content.

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The Results

A fully integrated mobile and desktop application that gives prospects easy access to thousands of hours of content. Above all, activity is recorded in a specifically created CRM and personalisation platform which enables the marketing team to laser focus their efforts when promoting content.


Increase in daily users

Before launch, ITVStudios.com had an average of 900 daily users. Since implementation, users have grown to over 3340 per day, equating to 271% increase.


Increase in daily pageviews

Average daily pageviews also grew, from 2591 to 7591, showing a further 192% increase.


Broadcasters Registered Since Launch

Most importantly, over 1,308 broadcasters have registered to the platform since launch.


Both the website project and the iPad application were a huge success. We enjoyed a 94% increase in visits and received over 400+ new registrations, allowing us to increase our CRM significantly.

We want to say a MASSIVE ‘Thank You’ to you all for doing such an great job with this project, from start to end you have been fantastic. You have really delivered on everything that you sold us at the pitch process and beyond.

Greg Emson - ITVstudios.com

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A custom built iPad meeting application

ITV showcase their programmes at two of the world’s biggest content markets - MIPTV and MIPCOM, where their 60+ salespeople have sit-down meetings with over 1000 clients.

ITV needed a custom built iPad meeting application that would allow their sales team to present bespoke pitches to individual clients, capturing key sales data and accessing the same extensive video library, oh, and this all also had to work off-line! (and breathe).

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The Challenge

ITV's previous solution was to run two separate systems, meaning they had to maintain 2 massive databases via 2 separate content management systems. For this to be truly transformational, we thought why not just create one super system?

Choose your screen

ITV MIP visitors could view content on an iPad screen, and at the touch of a button, it would instantly stream on the nearest TV.

Secure server

2,122 HD videos are hosted on a secure server, allowing instant access to content.

Complete control

ITV Studios sales reps can book meetings, order screening packs or even control their nearest TV through the iPad app.

The Solution

At the market, we equipped all sales personnel with iPad's preloaded with our bespoke HTML5 app. This allowed them to keep a face-to-face conversation with the prospect, as they browse content through and easy-to-use iPad interface.

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The results

The really clever bit was the synchronization to the stands LCD auditioning monitors. At the click of a button, the salesperson can play any content on the nearest TV, without having to fiddle around or take their attention away from the prospect. Again, all activity from the exhibition is synchronized back to their web CRM.


Videos hosted for live streaming

With the new sales toolkit app, Sales teams are now capable of showcasing over 2,122 videos from the ITV Studios catalogue to clients in the most advanced way possible, offering a far superior meeting and screening experience than any other competitor in the market.


Meetings scheduled online

Over 1167 client meetings were booked for the MIPCOM and MIPTV events using the new ITV Studios meeting management platform, drastically reducing marketing team organisational time spent and improving sales followup.


Broadcasters Registered Since Launch

Exhibitions are crazy - and MIPCOM & MIPTV are no different. The ITV Sales app was used by over 70 members of the sales team simultaneously.

Enhanced online toolkit for the sales and marketing teams

With a shiny new website and event showcase app, ITV needed a way to integrate their website and event workflows online with advanced reporting. As a result we created a sales portal full of useful tools.

The sales team can now approve their own prospects and event schedules can be booked through a bespoke meeting management platform. Meeting notes made on the iPad at events are synced back to the sales portal for online viewing and to top it all off the sales and marketing teams have access to a comprehensive reporting module to track programme popularity and user behaviour.

Portal desk

The Challenge

ITV had a fragmented and time consuming workflow for user approvals, event management and data analysis. This needed a lot of attention within each department. Being such a large corporation the internal teams had very different requirements that had to be reduced into a single integrated process with analysis capabilities. These requirements also needed a very bespoke technical platform to run on.

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The Solution

As great as the website is, we also wanted to add real commercial value to ITV. This came in the form of a fully integrated CRM and reporting module. Within a few clicks the ITV sales team can gain critical information on how their users are approaching content. ITV users can now see what programmes and genres are performing, both at a high and more granular level.

Portal reports
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The result

A fully integrated mobile and desktop application, that gives prospects easy access to thousands of hours of content. Above all, activity is recorded in a specifically created CRM and personalisation platform which enables the marketing team to laser focus their efforts when promoting content.


Increase in Overall Revenues

With all this unique production, design and development, ITV have already seen the results. General website administration and event preparation time has been considerably reduced and overall revenues were up by 20% over 2013. The redeveloped digital platform will continue to contribute to similar growth in 2014 and beyond.

The end result - Our MIP showcase video