Bespoke ecommerce integration

The ecommerce site had to seamlessly integrate with the main articles & features, with a desire to give it a Google Images feel for users browsing all the assets. All fully responsive, and flexible enough to be updated on the road during the hectic week that is the Gumball 3000 rally.



High-quality, engaging imagery serves as a preview for the content within the section


Descriptive text

Contrasting overlay

Instant-load, video preview


3000 miles of immersive photography

Our Twitter Map campaign received over 500 images live from the rally. Drivers could use a hashtag to automatically upload their photos to the route map.


A fully-responsive layout

Responsive is pretty much a given these days, and thankfully the grid system design lends itself well to a responsive solution.

However, we still wanted a 'one page' experience on all devices, meaning a lot of thought had to also go into the navigation and UI surrounding the selection of editorials and products.

The Gumball site was very much designed to be a daily destination for fans looking for easily digestible content covering Fashion, Music and of course the Rally.

The Google Image style load-in-place maintains the seamless engagement across all devices, perfect for a site where there's such a feast of amazing images to scroll through.

Updating on the road

To help with the 'live' feel during the rally, we needed to ensure the CMS was easily usable from the road, so that it's effortless to update fans refreshing the site for new rally information. We also created a real time auction section for The Gumball Foundation where teams could raise money to get in Pole Position before the start of the rally.


Secure ecommerce

At the heart of the featured content, is an integrated ecommerce platform, seamlessly promoting the continously growing range of Gumball apparel. In this instance, due to the uniqueness of how we wanted to promote items, we created a bespoke ecommerce platform to ensure Gumball had all they needed to promote this side of their business.

During the rally - total social engagement

We wanted to give fans of Gumball a constant stream of social content throughout the rally, but without putting too much of a content burden on Gumball themselves during their busiest week. The idea of the Driver Tweet Map was born - an interactive map that displayed Twitter and Instagram photos, geolocated across Europe as the rally unfolded. It was a huge success, over 6 million impressions and nearly 1,000 images uploaded from the 150 drivers.



Increase In Traffic

With over 1,708 unique tweets with the brand hashtag.


Global Impressions

Which led to over 25,337 unique visits.


Across the finish line - The final designs

The final site is a grid format, Google Images inspired wall of engaging content. Fully responsive and easily adaptable for the rally week...

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