From Print to Digital - A Totally New GDR Experience

Evolving their previous print business model, we utilised the huge library of GDR content to create an innovative digital platform. This provided clients with a personalised content dashboard that could easily be saved, shared and enjoyed.

Clients are now spoilt to a personalised digital experience of the full GDR printed content library. They can now refine content down to what is relevant to them by saving sector and channel preferences. Advanced search and filtering functionality has been built into the platform’s core to give each client a simple, yet fully personalised, content experience.

GDR needed the ability to report on their content, understanding which pieces of their content were being viewed the most over different market sectors and channels. We created a complete reporting toolkit, enabling GDR to gain insight on which pieces of content were not only being viewed, but also shared.

Advanced reporting tools enabled GDR to tailor their client communications & meetings based on data provided by the new platform.

Responsive layout

Responsive Layout

As GDR’s content was filled with rich, high-quality imagery, they wanted to focus their efforts on creating a fantastic desktop experience. Their target audience would be browsing whilst at work - using the creative content as inspirational research for their own projects.

The new design was created with all screen sizes in mind - with a flowing card content system and scaling design. This not only made sure GDR’s content looked fantastic on any desktop screen size, but also for tablet devices too.

Easily Create, Manage & Save Complex Filtering Options

Allowing clients to use advanced search and filter functionality, the new digital platform enables complete personalisation of content shown on the dashboard. Choosing between sectors, channels and regions, a client can save their preferences to be reflected in the dashboard content.

Marking favourites is a breeze, giving clients the chance to hop between their most inspirational pieces of research content. They can also share any of this content between an individual, company or external group. Perfect for easily inspiring the whole team.


Increasing Client Engagement - The Card System

Understanding what information is most important to the user is sort of our thing. For GDR we broke down their fantastic content and rebuilt a card-display system that gives the user the most critical pieces of information without overloading them with too much text.

large header image

A picture is worth a thousand words. By utilising larger header images, we could communicate content in its rawest form.

Primary Info

Super-clear title & publish date. Favourited items are clearly marked.

Secondary Info

Clear location & category information.


High-contract trend titles.


Hovering over the card will produce a quick-action tooltip - giving the end user total ease-of-use.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 Layer 7
Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4 Card 5 Card 6 Card 7 Card 8 Card 9 Card 10

Easy-Access Content

With the optimised card system, personalised dashboard and advanced filter & search functions, content can now be accessed with ease. No more archaic PDF downloads.

Complete Freedom To Discover Key Innovation Trends

Marie Chamillard, GDR's Chief Operating Officer said "Our business has always been about people and company intimacy.The new platform enables us to digitally reach many more people - and continue the conversations beyond our face-to-face meetings."


One Happy Client

From our first meeting we knew that Rawnet was the right agency to partner with on such an important project for us. We are delighted with the business critical digital platform they designed and developed for us. The Rawnet team were such a pleasure to work with, from solution driven, creative thinking through to project management and communication. We enjoy a great partnership and are confident this will continue for many years to come.


The Final Design

Soft launched in August 2014, with a hard launch planned for Autumn 2014, GDR are delighted with their new digital platform. Not only do they now have an experience that functions perfectly, but it also fully represents the GDR brand, personality and thinking.

GDR now have a game-changing digital platform - creating totally new ways to engage with their customers and opening up new markets for the future.

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