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James Crooke

Lead Developer

We are now C5.7 certified!

At the end of 2015, we began building Content Managed sites using the newer version of Concrete5 - version 5.7.

We took this decision mainly because of the improved features, interface and coding standards that it encompasses.

Since using it, we’ve already built up a collection of our own re-usable libraries and helper classes; which we can quite easily drop into our more bespoke Symfony projects too.

As a “Concrete Certified Partner Agency”, we have successfully passed the version 5.7 examination to maintain our status as the UK’s leading Concrete5 digital agency.

To see some of the sites that we have worked on using Concrete 5 - check out: ITV Media, V3 Capital, Ronald McDonald House Charities, DFK International, Russell Finex & Mitutoyo